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Tickets Now on Sale: Bacon Masterclasses on Wednesday 20th & Friday 22nd March

Bacon Cookery Class - Bacon Jam Fudge

Bacon Cookery Class – Bacon Jam Fudge

I am woefully late announcing these, but here you go! New bacon masterclasses on Wednesday 20th and Friday 22nd March, in just over two weeks time.

These are a new format and in association with Bacon Connoisseurs Week. They will be held at Food at 53,  gorgeous cookery school between Old St and Islington. As always, they will be really fun, and very sociable. Come on your own, or with friends, I promise you will be comfortable.

We will kick off with a Bacon Bloody Mary, then get into the cooking three recipes.

Chipotle Bacon Jam – better than any you have tasted with only the best ingredients. Chipotle fuelled, smoky and sticky.
Bacon Jam Fudge – it takes time but it is fantastic, and it is amazing with a single malt
Bourbon Bacon Chocolate Truffles – smoky, rich and fabulous

Then we will finish with a bacon curry. You will go home with a goody bag of everything you have made with all of the recipes.

I have kept the prices as they were, £75 for 3.5 hours. If you book through eventbrite, there is a processing  fee of £5.15. If you want to avoid this, you can pay me directly, just email me at niamh@eatlikeagirl.com.

Book tickets here: http://eatlikeagirlbaconclass.eventbrite.co.uk/





  1. Mmmm… bacon. It tastes great with just about anything, doesn’t it? Though I have to admit the fudge idea knocks me sideways! Wish I lived nearer London – I’d be there in a flash…

  2. Hi there! I just discovered your blog, and it looks really interesting! Love the combo of travel and cooking!
    bacon jam fudge? I`ve never heard about that combination, but would be fun to make to my BF, as he`s constantly saying “everything gets better with bacon”:-p

    • Thank you! The bacon jam fudge is a cracker. The recipe will be public in the next few months but is only for the classes at the moment.

  3. Bacon Jam Fudge!! Wow! If I wasn’t a ridiculously penniless student, I’d be at the class in a flash!

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