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A Postcard from Berlin & Amsterdam


Bicycle & canals in Amsterdam

I have been back in London for a few days now, but have been silent here, as it was Bacon Connoisseurs Week. I was teaching two of my bacon masterclasses, which are great fun to teach but they zap all of my time and energy with prep, organisation and the actual teaching. Worth it, but for this reason, I will be holding them less frequently from now on.

Another busy week lies ahead full of recipe testing, writing, checking out some London restaurants and reviewing. Before it begins, I thought I would steal a few minutes to share some photos from my trips to Berlin & Amsterdam.


Heaven & Earth at Lutter & Wegner, Berlin (black pudding, apples, caramelised onions and potatoes). This was a starter!


Enormous veal schnitzel at Lutter & Wegner, Berlin


Nurembergers with potato salad and mustard at Literaturhaus Café, Berlin – simple and very good, a great lunch washed down with some German riesling


Marzipan pig at Wald Königsberger Marzipan, Berlin – family owned shop, they have been making marzipan for generations and used to supply the Tsar of Russia


Konnopke’s Imbiss – one of the best locations for currywurst (and I loved the bratwurst too) in Berlin – tucked in under the railway station, this mid week morning queue was full of locals and an occasional tourist like me


Tucking into currywurst in Berlin at Konnopke’s Imbiss


One of the remnants of the Berlin Wall


Tyrolean charcuterie in Berlin


Great cheesecake at Café Finovo, a little Berlin café on a cemetery – very eclectic, great lemonade too


Café Finovo – this is what a cemetery café looks like :)


No food trip to Berlin is complete without a trip to KadeWe – I wish I had bought one of these


Currywurst Special at KaDeWe


Poffertjes, tiny puffy pancajes, in Amsterdam


Obligatory (and delicious) brined herring in Amsterdam


Delicious drinks at Wynand Fockink, Amsterdam


Vlaamse Frites with Satesaus


Fantastic Rijsttafel at Indonesian restaurant Blauw (and this is only a third of it or so), Amsterdam




  1. The Marzipan Pig is so cute, I love that. Berlin is an amazing city which is changing a lot. I’m not sure you’ve been treated well by the weather but it’s really great in summer.

    xx Le Grumeau

    • I don’t need places to be hot, so I don’t mind, but will also check it out one summer :)

  2. SallyC says

    We loved Berlin – and KaDeWe was amazing – but don’t know if I’d go back for the food, enormous portions notwithstanding. Really couldn’t get into currywurst, although some of the sausages we had, washed down with Gluhwein (mit Rhum ~ warming, to say the least) at the Christmas markets were delicious. We did have a fabulous anniversary meal there ~ but it was in an Italian restaurant! What a fab city though, and everyone we met was SO nice, friendly, helpful, kind ….

    • Hi there. I wouldn’t discount Berlin based on the currywurst – I am in agreement with you, it is a must try but I didn’t get it. However. I had a brilliant meal at Lutter & Wegner (pictured) and the other sausages like bratwurst are super. There are several high end restaurants, great Turkish food, fabulous cheesecake. So, worth an explore outside of the KaDeWe too, I think.

  3. I am Dutch and live in Berlin since 1,5 year now. It is very cool to see a mix of photos from both of the capitals. Well done!

  4. Currywurst was invented by Herta Heuwer in Berlin in 1949 as an affordable but filling meal for the people of Berlin at a time when food was in short supply.

    When you order your Currywurst you can ask for it skin on “Currywurst mit Darm” or without skin “Currywurst ohne Darm”. Sausage casings were in short supply in the Soviet-controlled side of the city. If you grew up in East Berlin, you like sausage without skin; if you grew up in West Berlin, you probably prefer sausage with skin.

    I’m not from Berlin, I prefer Currywurst without skin and in my opinion the best place to get it is from Fritz & Co (a Currywurst stall) on Wittenberg Platz in the Schöneberg area of Berlin.

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