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Recipe: Bourbon Bacon Chocolate Truffles

Bourbon bacon chocolate truffles

Bourbon bacon chocolate truffles

I have been withholding most of my bacon recipes from you, and for a very good reason which will be revealed in a bit. I am sharing one today though, it was published on Stylist recently for Bacon Connoisseurs Week, and I am sharing it here now so that you can do something delicious for Easter. Here you go: Bourbon Bacon Chocolate Truffles.

What madness is this? What deliciousness lies within? Let me tell you people, these little truffles, balls of intense flavourful delight, will win you friends and appease your enemies.

Candied bacon

Candied bacon

When thinking of bacon in sweets, remember how you first felt when you heard about salted caramel. Right? This is just as good, I say even better.

Bacon and sugar love each other and so they should. Combined in an oven and candied, bacon becomes arnished with a sugar toffee that will snap, and that is the secret ingredient in these truffles.

Bacon bourbon chocolate truffles

Bacon bourbon chocolate truffles

Bourbon has to be invited to the party, mainly because it will be upset if not, its rumbly alcoholic tones complete the trinity.

Have fun, try to share and don’t eat them all at once.

RECIPE: Bourbon Bacon Chocolate Truffles


6 slices of streaky bacon
6 heaped tbsp brown sugar
250 ml cream
250g dark chocolate
25ml bourbon
100g cocoa


Start by candying your bacon. Preheat your oven to 200 deg C and put one heaped tbsp of sugar on each bacon slice rubbing it in on each side with your fingers. Lay out flat and cook for 10 minutes, turn and lay flat and cook for 10 more minutes. Take each slice out and lay on a buttered plate or greaseproof paper and allow to cool. Chop finely when cold. It is important that you remove it from the oven tray, or it will stick there.

Heat the cream until it just shivers, if you boil it it will change the taste and be too hot for the chocolate. Add the chocolate off the heat and stir in to melt until it becomes all glossy, then and add the bourbon and the finely chopped candied bacon. Stir in and leave to chill in the fridge for 2 hours until solid.

Put the cocoa on a plate and scoop out your truffles with a teaspoon, or for a perfect round with a melon baller. I like them to be rough and ready as a bacon truffle would demand. Roll them in the cocoa and then they are ready.

Time to eat them!




  1. That looks so good, this is a must try. To find a miniature/small BB. I received 2 boxes of valrhona 100% at Christmas and have some W.H.C. 100% in block form. Happy days, will report back when this is done. Just realised the last of the bacon from the farmers market used up, to the butchers again.
    Previous pork cacao experiences are from an Austrian chocolate called Zotter who always get my attention in Germany/Austria. They now sell in the UK, worth seeing the other creations peanuts and ketchup perhaps?
    Again, another cool post, well done.

  2. Chris says

    These look and sound absolutely amazing, I’m gonna give them a go but have one question.. is it double or single cream?

      • Carly says

        I would like to make these, but I’m in the states. We don’t really have “single cream.” After some light research, I found that single cream generally has 18% milk fat and our half-and-half has anywhere from 13-15%. Would this work?

      • Carly says

        Sorry. It wouldn’t let me reply to your latest one for some reason. I know for sure we have heavy whipping cream. That’s about 40% milk fat. We may have lighter whipping cream. I can check the next time I am in the supermarket.

  3. I know i will like this i tried a recipe for bacon chocolate cup cakes and they were great this looks just as nice, will make them over Easter weekend.

  4. Amazing results, I used Willies 100% cacao with sugar and vanilla extract instead of chocolate bar. Valrhona cacao powder on the outside, you can guess how good it all tasted. I will use better bacon next time, at Plymouth good food, this weekend shall provide. You are so right with the Bourbon. I used double cream, whoops. Amazing results though, all gone in four days, mostly me, in my defence, I only made half the amount.
    My co-workers are now expecting truffles.
    This was the first time I have made truffles, very pleased with the results, pleased with how easy it was.
    Also I saved a slice of candid bacon, at 11:00pm this tasted so good.
    Thanks again for another great idea/recipe

  5. Oh my, we love bacon and we love chocolate, but have never even dreamed of putting them together… perhaps we should try…

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  8. theadra says

    just found this blog. love! have a question regarding the bourbon truffles. I would like to make these as xmas gifts. Do you know if they will withstand mailing, without needing refrigeration? rancid gifts gifts suck.. ;)

    • Hi Theadra,

      They are made with fresh cream and are temperature sensitive. There are no preservatives either – intentionall! – so I wouldn’t.

      Thanks for the kind words.


  9. Goose says

    Back on this again melting Willie Hardcourts 100% as I type. Adding muscavado and butter. Using Hestons bacon. Simple and brilliant is what this is. Just the gig for New Year. Thanks again.

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