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A Postcard from Lisbon



And now, Lisbon.

Lisbon grabbed me by surprise. I have been here before and knew I liked it but Lisbon is a city that I could now see myself spending a lot more time in. In fact, I am fantasising about moving here for a bit to write my next book.

People are so helpful and friendly (in the main), it is affordable, the food and wine is delicious (once you steer clear of the tourist track), and it is on the sea. The architecture is beautiful with pretty buildings coated in colourful tiles dotted throughout. It is also possible to stay in really lovely places without blowing the budget.

I have lots of recommendations for you, the first being put Lisbon at the top of your list. Then come here for a prego (Portuguese steak sandwich), wonderful seafood, those swoonsome pasteis de nata (especially the original secret recipes ones from Beleim) and the wine, for lots of the delicious and very affordable wine.

A full detailed and printable list of recommendations will be appearing here soon, for now some photos, as is the tradition.


Suckling pig sandwich and piri piri oil at Pombalina, Lisbon


Wrapped tinned sardines at Conserveira de Lisboa


Manuel at Pombalina with one of the three suckling pigs that they sell in sandwiches every day


Love this! The bottom one means accountant (uh huh!)


Clams with garlic at Cervejaria Ramiro, Lisbon


Prego (Portuguese steak sandwich) at Cervejaria Ramiro, Lisbon

IMG_9791 IMG_9797 IMG_9691 IMG_9702 IMG_9666 IMG_9651 IMG_9646 IMG_9623

Pasteis de Nata and a coffee at Confeteria Nacionale

Pasteis de Nata and a coffee at Confeteria Nacionale




  1. Holly says

    That Portuguese tart at the end… my god. My favourite cheeky treat x

    • Love them :) Easy to get in London too! Lisboa in Camden or Portobello do great ones.

  2. Tony says

    Love the photos especially the one with the guy with his basket,just something about it…

    • Thanks Tony! I love that one too. He was standing there like that for ages. Near the flea market so I guess he must have bought the basket there, or was buying stuff to put in the basket :)

  3. Some of my best memories are from a road trip through Portugal. Had (almost!) forgotten. Little treat to wake up to for me then ^_^
    Babs B

  4. Hannah says

    Niamh, this is so well timed! I’m off to Lisbon on Saturday for a few days with friends. Do you have any recommendations ahead of releasing your full list (somewhere for good seafood/tapas maybe?). Thanks!

    • Cervejeria Ramiro is a must for the seafood and steak sandwiches, Confetieria Nacionale for coffee and cakes (eps pasteis de nata), The Decadente is a very nice gatropub type place. I have been cooking here too so not eating out all the time but have loved these. Enjoy!

  5. Mario says

    Hey! Loved your text about Lisbon. I sent you a message on facebook with some reccomendations. have a look! Enjoy Lisboa!

    • Oh dear – I really don’t use facebook that much and missed that. Email is better! Thanks though.

  6. Niamh,
    I am heading to Lisbon at the end of June – this has made me so excited! Affordable food, wine, the sea and lovely people – what more could you want!? I can’t wait to see your recommendations.

  7. Last time I went to Lisbon (with work) we went to A Travessa – a restaurant set in a former convent. It was gorgeous. Lovely pics!

  8. So well timed, I’m off to Lisbon at the end of the month and haven’t got a clue where to start with eating.

    Loving the photo of Manuel at Pombalina.

    Looking forward to the full list of recommendations : )

    Jo x

  9. Loved Lisbon- spent Andy’s birthday a couple of years ago on the beach up at Estoril- it was sublime. Itching to go back even more now!

  10. Can’t wait for your recommendations – photos make Lisbon look very exciting. I’m hoping to book a holiday there this weekend!!!

  11. Hi Niamh, am sending this to a friend who lives in Lisbon (she used to work for me at Borough) – if you’re returning I could put you in touch. Shall also send to my brother in law who is from outside Lisbon (tho living in France now – have 4 half Irish half Portuguese nieces & nephews). Am sure he’ll love to read it.

    Some good Portuguese restaurants in Vauxhall too – South Lambeth Road. If you’re passing thru, let’s grab a coffee ‘n tart!

    Look forward to reading more.
    Caroline x

  12. Hi Niamh, enjoyed this. Will send to a friend (who used to work for me at Borough) who now lives in Lisbon – if you’re returning for a while, could put you in touch. Also sending to my brother in law (now in France – and Dad to my 4 half Irish, half Portuguese nieces & nephews) – he loves food and is from outside Lisbon and will enjoy reading this.

    Don’t forget Vauxhall/South Lambeth Road has loads of Portuguese cafes – if you’re passing thru and fancy a coffee ‘n tart, give me a shout.

    Look forward to reading more.
    Caroline x

  13. Nice impressionistic post about Lisbon. I’d never considered visting, but it looks like a wonderful foodie destination.

  14. jenniferhowze156 says

    Love the impressionistic collection of pictures of Lisbon. I hadn’t ever thought of visiting there, especially for the food, but you’ve made it look so tempting.

  15. A collection of scrumptious-looking treats that hits all of my favourite food groups – roast pork, clams, custard tarts….We almost went to Lisbon a few years back but didn’t – now it’s firmly back on the list.

  16. Looking forward to seeing your recommendations. Went with the family a few years back and had a load of terrible meals, despite being off the tourist trail. Really felt like we were missing out.

  17. I had an apple flavoured Pasteis de Nata once. Even the pre frozen ones taste nice. You may find them in an internet cafe in the UK. I have had several Portuguese/Brazilian snack experiences in internet cafes. Portugal is where I learnt what salt cod is, hey I was young, my co hostellers, asked; did I soak the salt cod? You can guess, the reply, from a not so worldly wise youngster. I love salt cod, especially now I know what it is.
    Portuguese people are nice, well most of them, there is good and bad in every city. After losing my wallet I had it handed in to the Lagos police with money and cards still in. That was very cool.
    Another great post, as you can see bringing back fond memories. Portugal was where I met my girlfriend. I cycled a good chunk of its coast. I think Lagos is not as good as it used to be. I would love to visit the North, Porto and Coimbra again.

    • We have a large Portugese community in London and can get ace Pasteis de Nata in Stockwell, Camden and Goldbourne Rd. Lisboa is particularly good :)

      Apple one sounds peculiar! They do love salt cod. I would also like to explore further North and South of Lisbon. Add to list!

  18. Niamh,

    When will your recommendation list be posted? I’m off to Lisbon in a couple of weeks and would love to see it before I go.

    I hope you’re well wherever you are.

  19. Gale Wilson says

    Niamh, I absolutely LOVE your blog.
    I’m heading to Lisbon in a week and am really keen to read your restaurant tips before I go.
    Any tips at all would be much appreciated!

    • Hi Gale! Will try and get something up before you go :) Thank you for the kind words.

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