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A BBQ in Halifax & a Recipe for Foil Wrapped Halibut with Garlic, Oregano & Lemon

BBQ Halibut with Oregano, Lemon, Chilli & Garlic

BBQ Halibut with Oregano, Lemon, Chilli & Garlic

A quick post for you today with a few photos. I am in Halifax now, staying with a fond old friend. When we both lived in London we often met over food and wine. Things are not much different now. We had planned a large dinner with her family, lots of dishes using the best of local produce. I was going to make my bacon fudge. Five minutes into cooking the propane went out. We had no cooker and oven.

What to do? It became a BBQ. Not one dish that we had planned could be made on the BBQ so:

Cajun prawns with grits became lemon & chill prawn skewers. The grits can wait for another session.

Chilli & Lemon Prawn Skewers

Chilli & Lemon Prawn Skewers

Halibut with chorizo, breadcrumb and herb crust became two dishes. Chorizo (the soft fresh cooking kind), tomato & pecorino koftes perched like little spicy torpedoes on the edge of the grill. Oregano, garlic and lemon woke the halibut from its slumber. We portioned it and put put each in an individual foil parcel with a simple marinade. The halibut was local (and bought in the lovely Seaport market in Halifax mid tropical storm) and beautifully tender and sweet, 15 minutes later it was perfectly cooked and delicous.

Chorizo, tomato & pecorino koftes

Chorizo, tomato & pecorino koftes

Chorizo, tomato & pecorino koftes

Chorizo, tomato & pecorino koftes

Halibut with Lemon, Oregano, Garlic & Chilli

Halibut with Lemon, Oregano, Garlic & Chilli

Asparagus and ruby chard met over an open flame instead of in a pot, and I even managed to kinda candy bacon in maple syrup on the BBQ and we served that, chopped into small bite size bits, on top. With more space and the right pot it is of course possible to make fudge, at this point, I decided to leave it though.

Ruby chard with asparagus (which later met garlic, evoo, sea salt and lemon)

Ruby chard with asparagus (which later met garlic, evoo, sea salt and lemon)

Israeli cous cous was briefly sauteed in olive oil before the propane went out. I covered it in boiling water from the kettle in a shallow pan (to about an inch above it). It soaked it all up and then I quickly steamed off the excess water on the BBQ in a foil tray. It then became a salad with goats cheese, confit tomatoes, chorizo (sauteed in a foil tray on the BBQ), red onions and herbs (which I forgot to take a photo of but I was more interested in the wine at that point :)

Prawn skewers & chorizo torpedoes - ready to eat

Prawn skewers & chorizo torpedoes – ready to eat

Sometimes, with a twist of fate and some quick thinking, things just work out better. Enjoy.

RECIPE: BBQ Halibut with Lemon, Oregano, Chilli & Garlic

Prep time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes (depending on your BBQ)
Seres: 1 (obviously many more if you want to)


1 good size halibut steak (approx 200 – 250g)
3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp honey
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
pinch shredded lemon zest (from an unwaxed lemon if you can)
pinch of chilli flakes (more if you like it hotter)
sea salt
foil to wrap – approx a foot square


Combine the olive oil, honey, and lemon juice and taste. Adjust if necessary – more lemon if you want it more sour and more honey if you want it more sweet. Add the chilli, garlic, oregano and pinch of sea salt to season.

Put the halibut in the dressing and rub it in gently. Leave it to sit in the fridge (covered) for half an hour or so. Not too long as the fish will soak up the flavours very quickly.

Wrap the fish in the foil with all of the marinade. Wrap it so it is easy to open during cooking and check that it is cooked.

Place on a medium hot BBQ and leave for 10 minutes. The fish will steam in the parcel so there is no need to turn it. Check to see if it is done. It will flake easily.

Serve hot with some lovely salads and plenty of wine.





  1. Colette says

    Amazing what comes out creatively when circumstances change. Love your fish recipient will be trying just ad soon as the sun returns,

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