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Eat Like a Girl Named As One of the Top Travel Experts on Twitter (for food, of course)

When people hear what I do, their reaction is almost always “WOW! You have the best job”. And I might do. It has perks, and it also has pitfalls. My enthusiasm for my journey has compromised my waistline and sometimes my head. Have you ever been so exhausted after a big meal that you had to go to bed, only to repeat it again the next day and the day after? It seems a nonsense complaint and terrible in so many regards, but this is my reality. I am really not complaining at all.

I am starting to reign it all in. I eat out less than I did (but still a lot more than is normal). I walk a lot more (my phone is also a pedometer and it is like a tiny tyrant ticking away in my pocket). But, I will never fully control it, for where is the fun in that? I love it, from tucking in to BBQ pig tail in Barbados, to goose webs in Beijing. I will continue to devote my life to this madness, and store all the experiences here.

So, I was fairly delighted to receive an email this morning from Travel Media Group to say that I have been named as one of the “Top Travel Experts on Twitter”. In food, of course, along with Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern and Rick Griffin.

UHM, ok. I will take it. A little nervously. They are some pretty big players there, but from my little corner of the internet, I will carry on. And continue to love it and soak it all up.

Thanks for reading and you know, if you are not on twitter, you should really sign up. It is a lot of fun and I post lots there that never make it to the blog.



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  1. Congratulations! I follow you here (and what an excellent blog it is!) as well as on Facebook, but have yet to use twitter at all. This might just be the inspiration I need to get me started….

  2. Wow! Congratulations, you really deserve it! Good to see all your hard work being noticed. I love reading your adventures and am firmly in the “you have a cool job” camp! Well done!

  3. Goose says

    Congrats. My mum likes your recipes, that’s quiet something ,she has little time for most of the others. My girlfriend and I love your blog. and your recipes. Long may your work continue.

  4. Congrats Niamh, I always read your blog posts and will continue to travel the (food) world vicariously through your posts & tweets. Well deserved x Sheila

  5. JoJo says

    Congratulations! I follow you on here and on Twitter and had a fab time at one of your classes last December (Mmmmmm BACON!), I think you’ve done brilliantly and the accolade is well deserved. Carry on cooking! x

  6. Sue says

    I read your blog with wonder and a little envy… cracking reads, fabulous photos & wonderful recipes! Can I come too…?! Happy travelling

  7. jojoandrews says

    Congratulations Niamh, love your blog and follow you on Twitter too – trying to do some travel and food blogging too so great to see people love reading about both! Jo

  8. Congratulations! Lovely that you are still so humble to mention ‘big players’ – you are one of those big players! And the battle with the waistline – It might be one battle that us foodies will never win!

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