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Project:BACON Update

Project:BACON 22 days to go and 27% funded!

Project:BACON 22 days to go and 27% funded! – play won’t work here, but it will on Kickstarter :)

So, I did it, and I put it out there. It was scary. What if people didn’t want my bacon book as much as me? It is a very public and nerve wracking way of exploring interest in your work, and the good news is that you and others support it (20% of the funding so far has been direct from the Kickstarter community who discovered it on there, amazingly).


It is exactly one week since I put Project:BACON on Kickstarter and it is funded by 27% as I type. This is fantastic, but I am still a fair way off with just 3 weeks to go.

So, I need you to jump on board. Here is another low down, briefly, as my last post was (well) wordy. Go figure.

Project:BACON on the Kickstarter Popular list! SQUEEEE!

Project:BACON on the Kickstarter Popular list! SQUEEEE!

So –

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform. I am basically asking you to buy my next book in advance to allow me to write and publish it myself.


I am a prince certified project manager (I never thought I would type that here) and previously worked in scientific publishing as a project manager. I want to apply these skills to my own book and to publish my next book myself.

I have met some amazing and inspiring self published authors in the last few years who have proven to me that through self publishing, you can write your book exactly as you want to write it and do a great job, and with high production values. It is a lot more work, but I have never been afraid of that.

I want to write a book that is in essence a bacon wonderland. I want to write recipes that take you from breakfast to brunch to supper to a bonkers bacon party where you can serve your guests – or just yourself – bourbon bacon and vanilla ice cream, bacon fudge, bacon marshmallow, bacon cocktails and lots of other delicious things.


Raising £20,000 on Kickstarter will allow me to put these plans in motion. This sum (minus taxes) will allow me to pay an editor, a photographer and a book designer.  Together we can put together an ace bacon book with 80 recipes with a great cover and lots of photographs. There will be a limited print run for the people who supported the Kickstarter project. This doesn’t include anything for me, simply the production of the book. I hope to make money later on from the ebook.

This amount will pay only for the hardback books that are bought on Kickstarter, so this is exclusive to Kickstarter. You will be able to purchase a Project: BACON ebook after it launches in February but I will not be selling the hardcover book on Amazon, as Amazon fees mean it will actually cost me money to sell it there. I am many things, but I am not rich or stupid. (If it does really well, I will consider a paperback, but that is not factored into the costs here, and it would have to do really well to fund it).

If I raise more than £20,000 I can expand the book concept, increasing the amount of design time and including some illustration and more photographs. More pledges for books means I need to print more books. If I print a lot, my print run is cheaper, and I can produce magical bacon videos to go with the book and work on some bacon merchandise. I can consider a paperback version to sell on Amazon (it would have to do extremely well to consider this). I have so many ideas.


Support the Kickstarter project by:

subscribing to the Bacon Post for £3 which gets you weekly electronic updates and 12 new and exclusive bacon recipes from the Project:BACON book

buying the ebook for £8 early bird or £10 when that runs out (incl The Bacon Post)

buying the hardback signed print Project:BACON book for £17 early bird (almost gone) or £20 incl UK postage (incl The Bacon Post). I will post anywhere for a £5 fee. Don’t hold out for Amazon discounts as they will simply never exist.

buying the hardback signed print Project:BACON book along with a signed copy of my first cookbook, Comfort & Spice for £35 incl UK postage (incl The Bacon Post). I will post anywhere for a £10 fee (the books will be quite heavy).

buy a 3 hour bacon masterclass for you and five friends for £540 incl a copy of the book each. I can travel to you, within reason. Email me first. As it stands I am talking to people about Bacon Masterclasses in France and in Dublin. Possibly even Hong Kong! I can be flexible on numbers too with some adjustments. This includes The Bacon Post for everyone at the class.

There are just 22 days left with 219 backers so far. Which is wonderful, and I appreciate every single one, but there are many, many more of you reading this here!

Leave me a comment with your thoughts, I would love to hear from you and to hear what you think about this.




    • Thank you so much Karen, but really, no pressure! I appreciate you helping to spread the word too :)

  1. You are so brave Niamh! Good luck with this worthy project and I will certainly be supporting. It must be a nerve-wrecking time for you!

    • Thanks Bonnie! Well, it was a little nerve wracking before but now I am just focussed on making it happen and making it the best that it can be :) Appreciate your support!

  2. priataneja@gmail.com says

    I’m definitely supporting this, and most unusually, have emailed select foodie friends. I’ve been reading the blog for about 7 years now, and i feel invested in the success of the book! I admire the adventurous spirit behind your decision to self fund. If only we could stretch to the private class, how awesome that would be! Very, very best of luck.

    • Wow, since the start! Well, hello :) Thank you so much for your support and helping to spread the word. I want this book to be really brilliant. It would be lovely to do a private class with you and your friends.

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