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Announcing Bacon Masterclasses for the Autumn: Book Now for Early Bird Rates

Aveqia - new space for bacon masterclasses in Farringdon

Aveqia – new space for bacon masterclasses in Farringdon


New classes! Huzzah.

A wonderful new cookery school in central London, Aveqia, has approached me to teach my Bacon Masterclasses there. The school is very central, based near Farringdon and is beautiful. The original school is in Sweden and the same elegant Scandinavian design has been used here, and as you would expect, it is a thoughtfully designed and very useful space. Those Swedes know what they are doing.

On arrival there is a bar, before going to the teaching space with lots of room to cook and also to eat after. This is why I love it, the kitchen is large and spacious with lots of room and all the kit I could need, even a paco jet for making maple bacon, bourbon & vanilla ice cream. After we can all sit down at a large communal & very sociable space to eat and indulge in some bacon bloody marys.

The classes will be hosted on Saturdays only, and I am expanding the class concept to include a sit down brunch after the Bacon Masterclass. The classes are more expensive to run but I would still like to keep the classes accessibly priced, so I am going to be offering the first 6 early bird places for £75 with the remaining 10 places at £95. The prices must unfortunately go up to meet my increased costs.

Aveqia Cooking School in Farringdon, London

Aveqia Cooking School in Farringdon, London

Each bacon masterclass will start at 10am with bacon jam on toast and tea / coffee and finish at 2pm after brunch with a bacon bloody mary. There will be 3 hours cooking. All classes are hands on and you will have a lot of support. The recipes are explicitly detailed and even where complex, very easy to follow. I am there to help and teach at all classes, of course. Cooking is core, but there are not just about cooking, they are also a lot of fun. You will be comfortable, I can promise you that.

Sounds good? I think so.

The recipes will vary, but the core recipes will be:

  • chipotle bacon jam
  • candied bacon
  • bacon jam fudge
  • candied bacon marshmallow creme

The classes will be on:

Sat 21st Sept
Sat 26th Oct
Sat 16th Nov
Sat 14th Dec

So, please email me at niamh@eatlikeagirl.com and I will send you details on how to pay and book you in. The classes will have a maximum of 16 attendees and I will need a minimum of 10 to go ahead. Hopefully, that won’t be a problem.

Project: BACON - under 4.5 days to go

Project: BACON – under 4.5 days to go

With regard to Project: BACON, I still need your help and will blog a detailed update later. There is only 4.5 more days and 43% funding to go.

Two Bacon Masterclasses have been sold – one at a butchers shop in Ireland and the other at one in Northern Ireland. I am so excited about these. The class concept is flexible – if you want me to teach more than 6 and up to 16, this is still possible for the same £540 once the ingredients can be provided and a space.

Please support this by buying the book in advance, buying a Xmas Bacon Box (think selection box but with bacon) or simply subscribe to The Bacon Post for £3. If I don’t raise the full £20,000, it fails and all pledges disappear, then the book simply doesn’t happen and won’t be written. So, if you are thinking that you might just wait until February when it comes out, that is a high risk manoeuvre – for you and me :)

You can pledge here – every penny counts.




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