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Project: BACON – 54 hours to go – 22% to fund

Project: BACON, 54 hours to go - and 22% to fund

Project: BACON, 54 hours to go – and 22% to fund

*updated Monday am*

SQUUEEE! Nearly there! And I should really be in bed as it is almost midnight on a Sunday and I have to hot foot it to a radio studio tomorrow in the very early morning, but I can’t let this slip at any point now. I have been so careful to be tender about this and not be in your face but this is the final push, and so here I am. I have to be.

I am nearly there, but I still might not make it. If you want to see this book, if you want to cook from it, if you want to read it and try out those crazy bacon recipes (in the best possible way) you have 2 days to buy it or it just won’t happen. And I am not exaggerating at all.

This has been a fantastically interesting process, and hopefully it is only the beginning. I am so glad I did it this way. I am really tired, bone tired if I am honest, but I am hopeful that by the time it finishes I will be so energised with the idea of starting. I know I will be. I know that if this happens I will forget that I was ever even tired at all and will bound right into it. I am excited.

I need your help to make that happen.

To meet my target I need 220 of you to buy hardback books at £20 each.

That shouldn’t be such a trauma, but I fear many of you think I will make it anyway so you aren’t so worried about it and are just watching from the sidelines. I unfortunately am very worried, so I am asking you to pledge, if you want this book.

In other news:

3 awesome Bacon Masterclasses have been booked as part of Project: BACON starting with one in Donnybrook Fair in Dublin on September 18th, followed by one at James Whelan Butchers in Avoca next Spring and one at The Meat Merchant in Co Down (date TBC). There are many more Bacon Masterclasses that can be booked if you want them, I will travel and if you want me to teach more than 6 and can help with the ingredients and space, I can teach up to 16 for the £540 commitment. (These classes are all tentative on Project: BACON being a success of course but my fingers, toes and all the hairs on my head are crossed. I may not sleep until this is finished). 

So that is it. Irish people: you can catch me on the John Murray Show on Radio 1 tomorrow (Monday) morning. You can listen live here at 9.30am.

You can pledge on Kickstarter here.

End Bacon Broadcast.




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