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Project: BACON – 29 hours to go | 93% funded | So close

So close!

So close!

RIGHT. Right now there are probably two particular strains of reader:

– excited ones that are hopeful / nervous about Project: BACON (you have been in touch, so I know :)

– some who are so over Project: BACON (although I must say even my vegetarian and vegan readers have been terrifically supportive and helpful in spreading the word).

The good news is there is only ONE DAY LEFT. One day! Not there yet, there is 7% left to go, just under £1,500 and only 30 hours to raise it.

Normal service will resume soon. There won’t be much further mention of Project: BACON on here from the end of this week. After that all bacon communications will be filtered solely through The Bacon Post, a weekly missive for Kickstarter supporters with exclusive new recipes (you can get this by signing up to any reward level on Kickstarter, including just for The Bacon Post at £3).

So quick recap – adopts cheerleading pose with pom poms (very sleepily).

If you want Project: BACON as a hardback book, this may be your only opportunity. The print run will certainly be a small one. You will be able to get the ebook, but not the hardback book on Amazon, when Project: BACON is published in February.

Xmas & Halloween Bacon Boxes are now available for the UK & Ireland, and very popular they are too. Think Bacon Selection Box. I will be very busy with these it looks like. Numbers are limited but there are still plenty.

4 Bacon Masterclasses have been pledged for in the UK & Ireland and there are 2 more in the works. For a £540 pledge, I will turn up and teach up to 16 people in your space if you supply ingredients etc., or I will teach 6 people in your home and all will get a copy of the book when it is published, as well as a copy of The Bacon Post.

I only had one Project: BACON stress dream last night, I woke startled at 5am – OH MY GOD, only £10 is needed to make it and it is just about to expire and FAIL. ARGH – and then I realised it was a dream. And I hope my last one, related to the funding process at least.

I will be on the John Murray Show on Radio 1 in Ireland this morning chatting bacon, sometime after 9. You can listen live online.

Bacon the world a better place, one slice at a time ;)


Thank you.



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    • Taryn says

      My fingers are crossed for you Niamh and I’m very excited about this project. Good luck. Taryn

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