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Project: BACON is GO – thank you – but there is more that we can do!


So I hit 100% this morning, which is amazing. Not just that, it is a relief and it is so exciting. I can’t wait to get stuck in.

Thanks for the support and joining me on this crazy little ride. I have been so touched by how brilliant people have been, the kind messages, tweets and emails that you have sent, and all that you have done to help me get my message out.

I am not going to add stretch goals at this point, with 22 hours to go, but suffice to say that all extra pledged means an even better book with more illustrations and photographs. The writing stays the same but in an even shinier coat.

I also have great plans for the Bacon Christmas & Halloween Boxes. I want to make them really special and a real treat for anyone who receives them. A flash of childhood through adult eyes, but more delicious. I already know the design but I need to get a designer to realise it fully and extra pledges will help make that happen.

Also – just a reminder – if you want a print copy of this book, there is no guarantee at this point that it will happen outside of Kickstarter, so pledge now to make sure you receive it. It is unlikely the Bacon Boxes will be available outside of this too – at least at this side of Christmas.

Thanks again, and here is to the next 22 hours. Nearly there, even though I kind of am already. It is still – always – exciting.




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  1. Hi, feel rather embarrassed I left it so late but just signed up with a £60 pledge… Only sorry I didn’t do it sooner, lost touch with your blog a little – after reading it for months! Anyway, very best of luck with the project, superb stuff!

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