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A Postcard from Lima, Peru



The view as we flew over the Andes into Lima, Peru

I am coming to the end of a brief trip to Peru. Deeply sleepy, quite full, and getting ready to go back to London, I am reflecting on a most inspiring 4 days. I have had 4 tasting menus in 4 of Latin America’s best restaurants in Lima, eaten at a superb home restaurant, eaten at an Amazonian restaurant, had lots of wonderful ceviche and acquainted myself with the magic of the Peruvian potato (so varied and incredibly delicious). I attended Latin America’s 50 best restaurants, met some really inspiring chefs and food writers, attended the Chowzter Latin America’s Tastiest Fast Feasts and ate my way around Mistura. I ate guinea pig (twice) and alpaca – both traditional Peruvian meats.

I am ready to come home and I feel so inspired to cook. The food is so vibrant and characterful, full of colour and flavour. I will definitely be back for longer and to explore more of Peru – particularly the Andes.

I have so much to write about. But lets start with a postcard, as I like to do :)


Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants


Astrid y Gaston receiving the best restaurant in Latin America award


Javier Wong, at Chez Wong, making ceviche from flounder


I met Rick Bayless at Mistura!


Fantastic chicharron sandwich at El Chinito


A wall of pork and pork crackling cooking over a fire at Mistura, Peru


Tasting Menu at Central, Lima


Virgilio Martinez at the pass in Central, with his head chef (and wife) Pia in the background


Gaston Acuria at Astrid y Gaston


Alain Ducasse and Diego from Astrid y Gaston


Diego, head chef at Astrid y Gaston, presenting the elaborate (and delicious) desserts at the end of the 18 course tasting menu


The winning dish at the Chowzter Tastiest Fast Feast of Latin America Awards


Confit cuy (guinea pig) at Maido (part of the tasting menu)


Terrific octopus dish at Maido, the potatoes were magical, as though a potato had been crafted from butter


Squid ink pasta at La Mar


A producer at the market in Mistura


Potatoes! Lots of wonderful potatoes


More potatoes at Mistura


…. still more potatoes


… and a potato rainbow (at the end of this rainbow is pure joy)


One of the producers at Mistura


Dancers at Mistura


Tamale seller at the mercado (and they were delicious)


Corn at the market


Cocoa pods at the mercado (in the center)


Lace maker at the market




  1. SallyC says

    A wall of pork and crackling?? … I’m surprised you can bear to tear yourself away! Have emailed you in the hope of being one of the ‘early birds’ on your Bacon Masterclass, by the way, so look forward to hearing in due course once you’re back. Safe journey

  2. I’ve seen some of these pics on IG but put together in that postcard the impact is even bigger. OMG, I want to go too. Now!!

  3. Although I am mainly veggie, and would probably find being around a wall of pork rather intense (!), I LOVE the market photos. I had the opportunity to go to a wedding in Peru years ago, but sadly had to miss out. Thanks for sharing this adventure with us. Also, a bit late to be saying this, but I really valued your humourous and insightful contributions to FBC5.

  4. Johann says

    I’m sure I saw “Peru-Postcard-23

    One of the producers at Mistura” at the Tallow horse fair ;)

  5. The Crackling Wall, amazing,
    I must try guinea pig, I wonder how much they cost? Killing it would be a tough one. I have no problems with this normally.
    I rescued a guinea pig and took it in for a year, they are even more cute than big pigs.
    It all looks amazing, another great post.

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