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Preview: Manicomio City Steak & Chianti Nights

Manicomio City Steak & Chianti Night

I recently found myself in the Gutter, no, sorry, Gutter Lane in East London. Manicomio City, an offshoot of the original Manicomio in Chelsea, are offering a Chianti & Steak Night Special until the end of November. I laid my waistline on the -er- line and went to check it out for you.

On offer is a Longhorn T-Bone (750g) from the Ginger Pig, and a bottle of 2009 Castellare Di Castellina, Chianti Classico. The steak is available at lunchtime to share for £45 and the wine also retails at £45, so it is a bit of a bargain at £65 for both. The Ginger Pig is pretty well known in London now, and like most food obsessives, I am familiar with their steak, both from the Ginger Pig butcher shops and also steakhouse Hawksmoor, which uses their steaks exclusively. Great meat and steaks, and I especially love the blue cheese taste the Longhorn fat has. Fabulous.

The offer is for the steak and wine, excluding sides and starters and desserts (should you want them), but I am always looking for great gnocchi so tried the gnocchi with tuscan sausage and fennel ragu first. The gnocchi were pillow light and the ragu deep and rich with the fennel lifting it. My friend had the rabbit papardelle with leeks, capers and lemon – and of course I had a taste – another lovely rich tender ragu with the capers and lemon giving it piquancy and freshness.

Gnocchi with Tuscan sausage and fennel ragu

Gnocchi with Tuscan sausage and fennel ragu

Rabbit pappardelle with leeks, capers and lemon

Rabbit pappardelle with leeks, capers and lemon

Perhaps heavy starters with a t-bone on the way but never mind. The t-bone arrived – huge (see top photo) – and cooked medium rare as requested. The outside had a perfect crusty char and it was pink within. With great flavour and texture, the benefit of a t-bone is that you get both fillet and sirloin, and both cooked on the bone. The 750g was more than enough for us, and the Chianti Classico that went with was smooth, elegant and delicious. The sommelier had opened it at the start of our meal to allow it to breathe too.

Time for desserts, I really had no room but wanted to see how they fared there. Limoncello profiteroles, pistachios & salted caramel were another lovely combination of citrus light and with richness, from the caramel.

Limoncello profiteroles, pistachios & salted caramel

Limoncello profiteroles, pistachios & salted caramel

Manicomio had not been on my radar before now, but I would definitely go back, and the Steak & Chianti Night is a fun ideas and well worth a visit. The steak is great, but it also allows you to surf the wine list to new heights (if on a budget) and try something a little more luxurious. It runs until the end of November only.

Manicomio City, 6 Gutter Lane, London EC2V 8AS, 020 7726 5010

I previewed the Steak and Chianti offer at Manicomio as a guest of the restaurant




  1. HHGeek says

    Great review, sounds delicious.

    Tiny whinge, however. Please don’t fall into Time Out’s habit of describing City locations as “East London”. After all, you wouldn’t call WC* postcodes “West London”, would you? EC2 is still a good couple of miles west of even the East End … it’s actually closer to the West End than East London proper. It was only once I got to the postcode that I (living south of London) realised it was a viable option for catching a train home.

    • I don’t even read Time Out, not to mind copy them. The city is in East London, it is a simple fact, and Gutter Lane certainly is. I live in South London and had to travel to East London to get there. Plus, surely everyone checks google maps and directions before discounting? If you are new to London, I might understand but yes, west of Oxford Circus is West London too. And that is ok, no?

      • HHGeek says

        I didn’t say you were copying TO, merely that it’s something they do. And stated clearly that I’d only realised where it was once I looked at the postcode – I lived in the East End for more than long enough to know where’s where!

        So where do you consider central London to be, given that there’s no C postcode?

      • I really don’t think it matters. I also don’t choose restaurants based on postcode. If a restaurant is good, I will travel there. I included the postcode and address at the end of the review so really, what is the issue? That for a few paragraphs you thought the restaurant might be somewhere else and it affected whether you might go or not? Lastly, central is relevant to where you consider to be central and where you socialise. For me it is Soho. And this seems a pointless argument.

      • HHGeek says

        “That for a few paragraphs you thought the restaurant might be somewhere else and it affected whether you might go or not?”

        Yes. Leaving a restaurant even in the City or West End around 10:30-11pm means I get home after 1am, to get up at 6am for work. I read all your reviews (and many others), but I have to discount anything that puts another decent chunk of travel time / cost onto an evening.

      • Fair enough but I still don’t think that most would discount because it wasn’t East enough to be considered Hackney? I always include the address and surely, if the restaurant were enticing enough, checking that would be sufficient? Perhaps, it would be helpful if I included local tube stops but I would still say that this is in the east, because it is. And it is ok to say that.

  2. SallyC says

    The pasta looked beautiful, I’m not sure I’d have bothered with the steak … :-) Well, of course I would, if I’d gone there specifically for it, but if I could produce pasta dishes that look like those did, and taste how you described them, I’d happily cut steak off the menu … PS, tried butter in my tomato sauce the other night … couldn’t believe the difference it makes, thanks for the tip.

  3. This place is right around the corner from my office and has also not been on my radar until your post. (We have Goodman & Hawksmoor on our doorstep too, how lucky!?) This seems like a great deal though & definitely worth a go! Thanks Niamh!

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