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Hello Melbourne!

Greetings from Melbourne, Australia. A heartland for great food and drink, Melbourne is an exciting city for a food obsessive like me to visit. It has been at the top of my list for a long time. (Yes, that list, that long one).

I have been here for four days peering out through a jet lag fug and on my own personal brunch driven agenda. When you can’t sleep, the possibility of several great brunches on your doorstep, and all at 7am, is thrilling. Even through a brain that feels like it is currently powered by Angel Delight and 9V batteries (strawberry flavour, naturally). That also means that you can absolutely have another brunch at 12pm. (Hey! Don’t look at me. I didn’t make the rules). I have had many – some brilliant and very inspiring – and I have many more planned. Not just brunches, lunches and dinners too. There is so much to do, and eat, and drink.

Things get very exciting on Thursday, when I join a bloggers road trip with four other bloggers. We all have our own specialties and after a night together in Melbourne we pursue our own itineraries in our own cars. In brilliant company, I look forward to spending time with Sarah from Live Share Travel, Abi from Inside the Travel Lab, Paul from TravMonkey and Keith from Velvet Escape, and sharing our stories. I will be seeking out the best food and drink in Melbourne and surrounds.

What can you expect to see? Lots of brunch action, a lowdown on that famous Melbourne coffee scene, reports from some of Melbourne and Victoria’s best restaurants, scenes from my journey to the Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula, lots on the Victoria wine scene and several wineries. There will even be a horseback winery tour.

Fun, eh? I did tell you that I am very excited.

You can follow it all on twitter and instagram by tracking the hashtag #MelbourneTouring. I will be updating my facebook page too. Activity on these social media channels will be more immediate, active and regular than on the blog, which I will be updating as soon as I get time to. As you can see I will be quite busy, so see you on the other parts of the interwebz first.

See y’all there! Now, I must get planning.

I am in Melbourne on the #TourMelbourne blog trip, created and managed by iambassador with Tourism Victoriaand Visit Melbourne in partnership with Royal Brunei Airlines. All content is of my choosing, and I retain all editorial control.




    • Thanks Catherine! Don’t be jealous, just plan to come back :) I will post all the tips you need here!

  1. Fab Niamh….heading to Auz for December (4 weeks) with the family – Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. printing off your blogs as this is research GOLD! Thanks! Also heading to Hamilton up the Great Ocean Road and Grampian mountains for NY. Wine Trips are on the agenda with Sis – in – law – looking forward to recs there too. Thanks and safe travels! Olive (@olivetreec)

    • That sounds like a wonderful trip!

      I am planning a return trip incorporating more of Australia (and more Melbourne), next Spring. I have brunch well and truly covered already and have lots more tips too :)

      You will love it here.

  2. Ah lovely! I was in Melbourne in September and absolutely loved it! I’m sure you have more than enough ideas and recommendations already, but I highly recommend The Commoner in Fitzroy. Have fun!

  3. contentedtraveller says

    Melbourne is our own little piece of Europe. The food is seriously good and the people justifiably proud. Biggest problem is selecting where to eat. Have fun.

    • So I am discovering! :)

      I have several friends from Melbourne in London and was well prepared with my research. I can’t cover even half of what I want to on one trip, so I will definitely have to come back :)

  4. I’ve lost a couple of friends from London to Melbourne, so I can only imagine it must be a brilliant place. Have a great trip!

  5. Lucky you!
    I lives in Melbourne for a bit and I can heartily recommend a trip to Prahran Market. There you will find the best coffee at Market Lane Coffee Shop and the most amazing falafel from the falafel cart inside the market.
    Oh and the Movida Bakery in South Yarra is worth a visit for there fennel sausage rolls and salted xaremel doughnuts!

    • Thank you :) Have already been to Prahran Market, Market Lane and Movida Bakery. Staying near all three at The Olsen Hotel for a couple of nights :) We clearly have similar taste so do send any other recs if you have any :-)

      • Almost went to Da Noi last night. Saving it for next year instead. Would love to check out the spa but work to do and time is precious.

  6. Siobhan Andrews says

    Hi, Welcome to Melbourne. I am a huge fan having discovered your book at the local library and since purchased. If you are coming back could you possibly do a Bacon Class or a reader dinner as I and I am sure others would love to meet you.
    Have a wonderful time and do try the Pork salad at Chin Chin it’s gorgeous and as a fusion Asian dish so very Mebourne . Siobhan x

    • Siobhan, you have made my day with this comment. I would love to do this. I will be back next Spring, so lets do it :)

  7. It’s always fun (and really interesting) to read about one’s home city from the perspective of a visitor. And sort of inspires me to go and re-explore Melbourne, with fresh eyes :)

    Oh, how GOOD is that horseback winery tour?! Luckily I don’t actually drink much wine (ha) because the people I went with did say they were feeling a bit woozy by the end, which effect must be doubled by being on a horse…

  8. Lauren says

    Sounds like an amazing trip! I’d love to visit Melbourne someday! Looking forward to reading the rest of the posts about your adventures :)

  9. Sonya says

    A lovely selection of delicious food photos! I’m all in favor of a “second brunch”!

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