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Announcing: Sunday Bacon Club (A Bacon Masterclass & Bacon Brunch) – Book Your Place Now

I love teaching my bacon masterclasses. Over the course of the 3 hour class everyone chats, and gets to know each other, but then everyone has to go home. Bacon is a terrific social glue. With the general excitement about the class, the quirkiness of the recipes, the smells (oh, those smells), then finally the deliciousness as you eat it, it always seems a shame to just go. So, I looked into ways that I could extend the classes.

What to do? Evenings are too short once you leave work, so I looked at Sleepy Sunday and thought, well what about a class then? Followed by brunch? When there is no time pressure, and people can relax, and have some wine while they cook, and then after with brunch? Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

The venue is the very spacious and smart Underground Cookery School. Brilliantly located a 5 minute walk from Old St station, this school is a lovely sociable space with everything we might need to help make bacon even more brilliant. There is a great dining space for brunch too. Finally, they are licensed, and so I can serve you lot wine, while you cook.

Now you know I love brunch. I previously ran a Brunch Club to celebrate the launch of my first book, Comfort & Spice, (which has a whole chapter on it, and so does my next book Project: BACON too). I ran a pop up Brunch Cafe at Irish Music & Arts Festival Electric Picnic (and won an award for it too!). This time, we will have bacon waffles and eggs and buttered greens. A bacon bloody mary to wash it down? So many ideas, a whole bacon brunch chapter to eat through. Sunday Bacon Club? Bring it on.

My 3 hour classes were priced at £75 (which is considerably less than what most schools charge but I want my classes to be accessible, and I want everyone who wants to, to come). These new Sunday Bacon Club classes and brunch will be priced at an introductory price of £85, while I see how they go. It is likely that the costs will need to increase if I decide to continue running them after this. I am only scheduling two dates as a trial period, and will review after those. So, if you want to make sure you get to experience Sunday Bacon Club, book now.

The Sunday Bacon Club will run from 11am – 3pm (it is Sunday after all, and I know most brunch fans love a lie in), and will consist of

  • arrival drinks / snacks
  • 3 hour long masterclass with previews of recipes from Project: BACON, and also including some classics from past classes (chipotle bacon jam, maple candied bacon, bacon fudge). The classes are 100% hands on, and you will make everything you make yourself, and from scratch, with support from me and chefs that I hire to support me

  • brunch, glorious bacon brunch, with a bacon bloody mary and wine

If you want to book, you can email me, or you can book via paypal or email me at Christmas present? I can send you a snazzy voucher, just let me know.

Sunday Bacon Club – Sunday 16th February – book on paypal now

Sunday Bacon Club – Sunday 30th March – book on paypal now

Reviews of previous classes:

Comfort & Spice Class Review from AT Culture / Diary of a Food Perve

Bacon Masterclass Review from Simply Splendiferous (with lovely watercolour illustrations too!)

Bacon Master Class – Gastronomical Heights

Foodycat: Bacon Masterclass with Eat Like A Girl

Terms & Conditions

Ticket dates are not transferable – once you book / commit to a particular date, you are tied to that date, unless there is a serious issue that could not be avoided.  I have had terrible problems with people changing dates multiple times and then cancelling and demanding refunds, which makes these classes a nightmare to run. If you can no longer make the date I can help you find someone to buy it from you.

If the classes don’t sell enough to meet my costs, I reserve the right to cancel the class, with a full refund, at a weeks notice. I am confident that this won’t happen with these classes, but it is best that I say so, just in case.




  1. Niamh, this sounds amazing and I’d like to come to one with my eldest daughter who is a complete bacon addict (and why wouldn’t she be?).

    She’s a very mature 16-year-old, loves cooking and adores bacon. I just wanted to check, before I book, that there’s no issue with her age?

      • Hey! Do you have paypal? If so, use the links in the post :) I can send you a voucher ASAP if it is a Xmas post. N

      • Ah yes, it helps to read the instructions ;)

        No need for a voucher, thanks – Charlie knows about it and it’s a ‘just because’ as I like to have occasional weekends away with each of my daughters, doing stuff they love :)

        I’ve put 2 PayPal payments through to book for 30th March. Look forward to meeting you then! Merry Christmas.

        Fred :)

      • Wonderful news, Fred. You will really enjoy it, they are so much fun and needless to say, very tasty. Look forward to seeing you then!

  2. Andrea Mynard says

    Sounds great. Have been experimenting in making bacon after keeping Berkshire pigs and having looked after the pigs, I really wanted to make the most of every little bit of bacon in every meal. Interested in trying smoked salt as part of the cure next time & wondering if you’ve tried this.

    • Hi Andrea! I don’t think the smoked salt makes that much of a difference, it is too delicate for a cure. I have experimented a lot with spices and aromatics – but you will have to wait for the book to come out to see them – sorry!

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  4. Robert says

    Had a great day at Bacon Club today – delicious recipes, friendly people… and lots of wine! Bacon Jam, Bacon fudge and Bacon Flapkacks to go – should last for at least a day! Thanks Niamh

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