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2013 in Review – Your Favourite Recipes, My Travels, Project: BACON and Plans for 2014

Hello Everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas, and that it was full of delicious food & drink, joyous nostalgia and as few arguments as possible (lets face it, we all have them).

I did little in the run up to Christmas here, for a few reasons, one was that I just wasn’t feeling it (I will explain in a bit), the other was that I was furiously making 75 bacon boxes for Kickstarter Project: BACON supporters, to ensure that they were received just in time, and in the best, freshest shape possible. I have 160 more to make in the New Year, and I am still writing the book. But, I am very nearly there, and I am excited.

2013 was in some respects wonderful and exciting, and in others very difficult. I travelled a lot, and learned much from it, spending time in places that I love like Japan, Thailand, Peru & Australia, as well as many European cities. I went to Canada again, and finally to Newfoundland where I uncovered their connection to my home, via the blaa, I saw gibbons in the wild in Brunei. Wonderful.

I cooked, every day at least when I was at home, and often when abroad too. Your favourite recipes from the last year were Bajan Pepper SauceThai Coconut Sticky Rice with Mango, Homemade Rhubarb Cordial & Siri’s Thai Seafood Green Curry Recipe Step by Step with Photos. Many from the past are still getting lots of attention like Roast Pork Belly, cooked simplyButternut Squash, Chickpea and Spinach CurryRich Roast Duck Legs (Chinese Style)Chicken and Chorizo PiePrawn Curry & Spaghetti Corkese (Spaghetti with Black Pudding & Tomato Sauce).

I took a risk and decided not to pitch my second book to a publisher, but to produce and publish it myself. I made this choice because I wanted to do something different and with complete creative control. It would have been much easier in many ways to go with a publisher, but I really just wanted to give it a go. I funded it on Kickstarter, and I am, as ever, grateful for your support.

I am almost finished the book now, and hope to publish it in late Spring. First it must be edited, designed and photographed before being sent to the printers. It has been a great experience in many respects, I need to do so much more, and I have learned quite a few things which will be valuable for the future. This project, and its evolution, has also shaped my plans in 2014.

My father, in his youth

My father, in his youth

Not long after Project: BACON was successfully funded, my Dad passed away. It wasn’t a surprise in many ways, but despite being ill, he was doing well. In the end he went peacefully in the night. Aged only 61, his heart stopped, and that was it. So, I went home for the best part of a month over two trips, before returning and contacting my Project: BACON team, explaining that everything now needed to pause for a bit. There is not much that I want to say about this at this point, but it will, I hope, explain my absence and frequent silence.

So, I am planning a quiet calm evening, so that I can let 2013 pass gently from my life. 2014, I am ready for you now. I have plans, lots of them, and this year I am going to make them happen. The first of which will be a further evolution of Project: BACON, and I will be announcing it in mid February, once Project: BACON is written and in hands that will beautify it and edit it, and when I have everything for the next phase researched and it is ready to roll. As for this blog, I have such a long list of recipes to share and so many travel stories too.

See you all soon. Happy New Year, and have a great evening, whatever you choose to do.




  1. Ian Phillipson says

    Great post Niamh – the bacon fudge was awesome – as were (were being the prerogative) bacon brownies. Have loved sharing the development of Project:BACON. Here’s to 2014!

  2. Reading your tweets and blog posts is always such an uplifting thing, thank you. Hope 2014 is good to you and all the very best for your bacon project!

  3. I’ve really enjoyed following your blog this year, and this is a great post to mark the end of 2013. I hope that 2014 is an excellent year for you, and I look forward to hearing more about your experiences in both travel and food.

  4. Really admire your courage in striking it out on your own and publishing your own book! That must have been a wonderfully rewarding and challenging journey :)

  5. So sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you – very excited about the book :) xoxo

  6. What a lovely round up post. Thank you for sharing. And your photos are delectable and lip-smacking!! You’ve done so well, you sound like you wish you’d done more but it sounds to me like you’ve achieved a whole bunch of great stuff, whilst dealing with pretty monumental life events at the same time. So pat yourself on the back Niamh, well done and all the best for 2014. x

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