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Recipe: Hot Wings with Blue Cheese Dip (Because We Must)

Hot Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce (Recipe)

Hot Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce (Recipe)

Some days demand chicken wings. Today is one. The best bit of the chicken for snacking on, the skin to flesh ratio being somewhere in the region of can-solve-most-of-lifes-problems, chicken wings are also very reasonable. Even in my local posh butcher, a kilo of lovely free range wings costs just over £5.

Everyone should have a recipe for hot wings in their repertoire. So easy and so gorgeous, spiked hot crisp wings dipped into a soothing cool blue cheese dip is all that you have ever wanted after a bad day. Or any day. Frank’s Louisiana Hot Sauce is what makes the wings sing, you could make your own, and it is the kind of thing that I often do, but in this case, truly, Frank’s have done all the work and made a great sauce. So, like every other hot wing fanatic on the planet, I use that.

They take little work. I roast the wings until the skin is just crisp, prepare the hot sauce which takes, oh, 2 minutes, then douse the wings in the sauce before returning to the oven for a little bit. Then I prepare the dip, which again is very complicated, ridiculously easy, a mish mash of strong blue cheese with natural yogurt, blended until they yield, and embrace each other.

Easy, and perfect for January blues, right? Enjoy.

Recipe: Hot Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce

Serves 1, because you are worth it


450g wings, weighed with wing tips removed, cut in half if whole (it sounds like a lot, but a lot of the weight is bone, and lets face it, there is never enough chicken wings)
sea salt to season, and a little light oil to grease the tray

Hot Sauce

50ml Frank’s Original Hot Sauce
50g butter
1 tsp white wine vinegar
1/2 tsp hot paprika

Blue Cheese Dip

75g roquefort (or another blue cheese of your choice)
75ml natural unsweetened yogurt


Preheat your oven to 180 deg C.

Season the wings with sea salt and roast them on a lightly oiled tray until the skin is bronze and starting to crisp (about 25 – 30 minutes).

While the wings are roasting, prepare your hot sauce by heating the butter, hot sauce, vinegar and paprika until the butter is melted. When the wings are crisp toss them in the hot sauce and return to the oven for 5 further minutes, skin side up. Baste them in the hot sauce and finish in the oven for a further 5 minutes. (I like to do this so that the hot sauce cooks onto the chicken a little, and doesn’t just coat it. The wings will still be supple inside as you originally roasted them until just crisp, so don’t worry about overcooking them, they are pretty resilient).

While the wings are finishing, prepare your blue cheese dip by blending the roquefort and the yogurt until smooth.

Serve the wings piping hot from the oven with any leftover marinade on the tray spooned on top, and the blue cheese dip on the side.




  1. We are having hot chicken wings tomorrow night, And yes franks hot sauce is an essential ingredient! Must try this recipe:-)

      • i agree franks hot sauce is the only way to go however if you dredge the wings lightly in seasoned flour before putting in the oven the franks hot sauce sticks even better and for those obsessed with carb intake franks hot sauce is zero carbs best wings in Dublin definitely elephant and castle

      • Agree the flour helps it stick but I don’t want anything interfering with that fabulous chicken skin so I don’t always add it :)) I want the wings to be pure unadulterated chicken with sauce.

        Thanks for the Dublin tip!

  2. This was dinner for us last night. Made some blue cheese from scratch with a buffalo milk blue cheese and it was delish.

  3. “The skin to flesh ratio being somewhere in the region of can-solve-most-of-lifes-problems.” Love it! And with Frank’s and a knob of butter (and perhaps a chilled beer!) – absolute heaven!

  4. Goose says

    Wings the band the Beatles could of been. Yours look nice. Gordon’s Great Escape South East Asia has my favourite recipe. Another easy one Orange and Ginger Caramalised.
    Your so right with the wings, Tesco’s do free range ones at a good price, there not bad for Tesco’s. My butcher tends to only have them when chickens are not selling ( so they get portioned up).
    Another great Post.

  5. Love easy recipes like this. I could have done with this idea at my weekend BBQ (don’t worry I’m not totally crazy having a winter BBQ- I’m in Australia). I’ll give it a try next time so thanks in advance!

  6. Marie says

    I love to indulge with different chicken dishes. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I hope I can taste it too soon.

  7. Commercial Refrigeration by Corr Chilled says

    See, cheese is something i’d never put with wings, but wow. These are amazing!

  8. Using legs as that’s all the butcher had. Same principle but have left for about an hour in sauces. Fringes crossed.

  9. No Franks in the cupboard, so did this tonight with Sriracha instead. Tasted bloody great. Ta for the recipe!

  10. Thanks Niamh! Is there anywhere in London that makes these wings like Elephant and Castle in Dublin? Have a craving now!

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