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Project: BACON – Finally, You Can Pre-Order a Copy – And More Bacon Boxes

In a frenetic spurt of activity, I was overjoyed when I succeeded in crowd funding my next book – a book about bacon and bacon only, curing your own, brilliant brunches, afternoon tea (yes! salted caramel bacon eclair grab you?), home curing, cocktails, suppers and sweets – and I have been working on it since.

The initial publication date was scheduled for February, but as long term readers may know, my Dad passed away last Autumn just after the funding run finished, and so I had to put everything on hold for a short while. Now, I am close to completing and sending my manuscript to my ever patient editor. We will start photography once my photographer has finished working on a cookbook by a very-famous-baker-that-you-all-know-and-love. AHEM. My photographer, Georgia Glynn Smith is wonderful, and very much in demand. She shot my first cookbook, Comfort & Spice too.

Project: BACON on Kickstarter

Project: BACON on Kickstarter

Lots of you missed the Kickstarter and were disappointed. The money raised covered a first limited edition print run that is available only to the Kickstarter supporters. Most of the funds were diverted to book production, printing and postage, but also to the bacon boxes which were far more popular than I could have imagined (and I am thrilled that they have been well received too). These have also eaten into the timeline somewhat as they take so much time. I am learning lessons all the time.

I have been trying to figure out how I could raise funds for a second print run before the book was published and on sale. I had a complex new business idea that I really wanted to roll out, but I don’t have the time to right now (I will, though). The answer in the end was simple. Another brilliant start up that supports the start up and Kickstarter community – Shopstarter –  allows pre-orders for successful Kickstarter projects. I set it up immediately, and now you can get involved too.

Pre-order Project: BACON wit or without a bacon box on Shopstarter

Pre-order Project: BACON wit or without a bacon box on Shopstarter

The second print run will be printed one month after the first Kickstarter print run, currently scheduled for June 2014. Here are your options:


You can order a book – I currently have no plans to sell the hardback book on Amazon, as the costs of doing so would mean it would cost me money to sell it (I know!) – so this is your chance to get your mitts on a copy. I will need to advise print run numbers in April or so. So, don’t put this on the long finger. You may miss your chance.


You can pre-order one of a limited number of bacon boxes, with a copy of the book or without. These have been very popular, and I know of the original 740 Kickstarter supporters, many regretted not getting one, so I expect these to go quickly. They will contain a selection of bacon jam, bacon salt, bacon fudge, bacon salted caramel flapjacks, chocolate bacon toffee, bacon bourbon brownies and bacon marshmallow rice cakes. Box contents vary and new products may be added – they will always be delicious.


Finally, you can order a private bacon masterclass, scheduled for a time that suits you (once I am in London) in your home / workplace / cooking school are available again too. These can be held anytime from now. My first one will be held in London at a private residence soon, followed by one in Yorkshire and three in Ireland. If you live outside of London, anywhere more than 2 hours train ride from London, Dublin or Cork, please contact me before booking one of these so that I can make sure it is feasible. I can travel to Europe too with some support, and if you want one if I happen to be in your country – current countries in my travel plans include Australia, Canada and the US at some point this year, but you know, I travel a lot, I could do one for you too.

You can do any or all of these, on my Shopstarter page.

Thanks, as always, for your continued support. I am very excited about this book, and I hope that you are too.




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  2. Folly says

    Any chance that you will release Project: BACON as an e-book? It would certainly be appreciated by we readers who don’t live in the U.K.

  3. Its good to see Australia on your list of places to go! I wouldnt have thought! Sydney I hope?
    Looks like youre doing really well. Congrats on your success!

  4. Wow, this is such a good idea! This is totally the sort of thing I would buy, to the extent that I already own a bacon cookbook, but this one sounds even more amazing! I’m saving for travels at the moment, then will be out of the country long-term, so not really in a place to be buying new cookbooks, but will definitely be keeping an eye out for this in a year or two!

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  6. As soon as payday rolls around, I’ll be making an order! So glad I can get my paws on this again as I missed the original kickstarter.

  7. Koby Laffer says

    Wow amazing! I am interested with cooking books and I really appreciate this share. Hope to read more about this soon.

  8. As a Hertfordshire Hog Roaster, I am often left with more salted roast pork than I know what to do with, are these recipes adaptable? – looking forward to trying a few of these myself. Creativity as always is the name of the game!

    David of The Organic Spitroast Company

    • Well I haven’t tested them with that but would say that some are but a lot won’t be.

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