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Wild Garlic & Chorizo Potato Gratin

Wild Garlic and Chorizo Potato Gratin

Wild Garlic and Chorizo Potato Gratin

Hello, hello, hello! How are you all today? I have had a day where I felt positively useless, and unproductive, despite all my efforts to the contrary, so there was nothing for it but to crack out some potatoes and make something comforting, to soothe my addled brain, and start again.

Earlier this week I re-enacted a near annual tradition. I met a bald man from Essex in a random part of town to make an illicit exchange. Something that I have that I am willing to part with, for something fragrant. He had in his hand a heavy grey plastic bag with green muddy tentacles peeking out. His name is Danny (Food Urchin), and he has brought me some wild garlic. Hurrah!

The tradition is thus. Danny has a garden full of wild garlic, and when I am in town in the season, I meet him and get a plant. In exchange he gets something random. In fact, that is how I first met Danny. I wandered to Borough Market to meet a strange man with a wild garlic plant, and it was him. Not so strange at all, and now a friend, if a wild garlic yielding one. This year, I gave him some of my Japanese SPF130 (yes!), for he is ginger, and is as a-feared of the sun as I am with my pale Irish skin.

Wild garlic is glorious. Ample and clumsy and generous, it has a fragrant sourness, and is pungent with garlic aroma. It loves cream and all things dairy, which really suits my mood today. While I sat freaking out about my to do list, it was peering out at me from its grey sarcophagus, tentacles waving (ok, maybe not) on my kitchen floor. I must plant it (with the hope of having lots more in my garden next year, it likes to take over), but before then, I want to use some.

Today, I needed something decadent but also perky, so as I stare at my wild garlic plant, hoping that it will reveal the secrets of the universe I think – got it! – wild garlic and chorizo potato gratin. Done.

This is so easy. Gather as much wild garlic as you can, but if you can’t get any, use a couple of garlic cloves. I would slice the garlic into very fine slices (if you like it pungent like I do), before very lightly frying them until approaching golden but not brown and accrid. Then add to your cream.

Enjoy. And happy weekend!

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Wild Garlic & Chorizo Potato Gratin - ready for the oven

Wild Garlic & Chorizo Potato Gratin – ready for the oven

Recipe: Wild Garlic & Chorizo Potato Gratin


400g potatoes, sliced very finely (I left the skins on mine) – a mandolin slicer is perfect if you have one
250ml single cream
a handful of wild garlic leaves, shredded
100g chorizo, finely diced
2 x bay leaves (optional and it adds extra time, but I love the subtle flavour)
grated cheddar cheese to finish
butter or oil to grease the dish
sea salt to season

a roasting dish that will accommodate it – the larger the better as you get more lovely crisp cheesy topping :)


Preheat your oven to 170 deg C.
Sauté the chorizo in a dry frying pan (it has plenty of fat inside it) for a few minutes until it is starting to crisp. Remove from the heat and leave to the side.
Heat the cream (bring it to just before the boil, but don’t boil it) with the wild garlic and bay leaves in it (if using the bay leaves). Leave to sit for half an hour to let the flavours infuse. Remove and discard the bay leaves and season with a little sea salt before adding the potatoes and chorizo and thoroughly mixing.
Grease your roasting dish and add the potato and cream mixture. ensuring that the wild garlic and chorizo are evenly spread. Press down to ensure that the potatoes are tight, and finish with grated cheddar.
Roast for 45 minutes or until the potatoes are tender (a sharp knife should pass through them with no resistance) and the top is golden.
Eat! Lovely with salad, or roast chicken or whatever you like.
Enjoy :)




  1. Sounds absolutely delicious. We have loads of wild onion (three-cornered leeks?) in our garden at the moment. Do you think I could substitute that?

    • Absolutely! I actually prefer three cornered leek :) (I have written about it before too!)

      • I remember. In fact, as I walk up our garden path, I somehow always associate them with you! If you find yourself in Cork any time in the near future, contact me and come over for a forage…Patsy

  2. Hello, Niamh! I’ve never seen wild garlic before so I had no idea it was leafy like this. I was given a homegrown normal garlic clove a while ago and I couldn’t believe how much fresher and tastier it was than the supermarket stuff.
    I love chorizo in things like this, so I’m sure this dish would be right up my street!

  3. Hi there, :-)
    I will definitely try this one – I am a great fan of all things choirzo and garlic. The two together in a potato gratin sounds absolutely divine!

  4. I do a hash-style dish with potato, wild garlic and chorizo, which I love. It sounds like the addition of cream is a great idea too. I will be giving this a try.

  5. Love this blog – nothing’s made me salivate so much in ages! Not sure where wild garlis is avaialble, but I maybe I too can find the mysterious “Baldy of Borough”…

  6. I have wild garlic in the garden and chorizo in the fridge. ‘Tis a sign. Now I know what do have for dinner this week, thanks :)

  7. I’ve always done the obvious and made pesto with with wold garlic but this has given me a welcome push. It’s such great stuff – up there with sloes and asparagus as fleeting seasonal treats. Though I notice, this year, that the bunches are getting smaller and the prices higher. It’s not just house prices that are rocketing …

  8. That’s funny, our first wild garlic of the season also went with chorizo. Made a pesto, then simple spaghetti dish with onions and the sausage, just because it was what we had. It goes great. The untamed greenness of wild garlic is a true spring treat

  9. Jenny says

    I’ve just googled ‘wild garlic’ and your recipe is the most appealing of the lot. Ended up with some in my veg box this week and wasn’t sure what to do with it. My flat mate doesn’t like chorizo though (I do question our friendship). Any good substitutes? Or shall I make a huge portion just for me.

    • Thank you :) Make two! One awesome chorizo one for you. For the flatmate, you could make on with goey cheese in between the potatoes, like fontina. Or a non spicy salami :)

  10. good god, that looks good!
    btw, seems like we’ll be doing the roadshow in dublin together – look forward to meeting you in person :)

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