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How I Travel: My Holiday Essentials Check List (With Rome in Mind, In Partnership with O2 Travel)


This post is sponsored by 02. I am off to Rome to investigate all that gorgeous Rome offers using their new 02 travel tariff for data roaming in Europe.

I get asked a lot of things as a result of my travels –

How do you do it? Aren’t you tired?

I do get tired but travel energises and inspires me. It is a fair exchange :)

How do you cope with jet lag?

I sleep when I can. Hazard of the job. Back to the tired thing. Again, I don’t mind. Except at 4 in the morning when I am simultaneously shattered and wide awake.

You must have a system for packing down to an art at this point?

Well, no. I am always last minute. But I do have my list that I check off before I leave. Most important are three things:

passport | wallet | phone

I can go anywhere with those and do most things that I need.

After that, excluding everyday things:

Camera – always! – and increasingly monopod, for occasional video (I want to do more).

Laptop – for blogging and working while I am away.

Notebook – for scribblings and ideas.

SPF50 – at least – for I am very, very pale. And I get sun rash. Joyful.

Insect repellant – because they love me more than I love them.

Anti-histamine cream – for when they get through.

Anti-histamines – because almost everything makes me sneeze and makes my eyes itch.

Added to all of this a tangled pile of chargers and cables, every time I say I will sort it out. I never do.

I also load my Google map on my phone with restaurants, markets & anything else that I want to visit. I like to wander and check in where ever I am. But roaming is expensive.

Which brings me neatly to my trip to Rome. On this trip I will road test the new O2 travel tariff for data roaming in Europe. This will allow me unlimited access for £1.99 a day so that I can use my maps, tweet, instagram and blog to my hearts desire. I may be eating too much gelato and pasta to blog, mind you. I will also be taking a look at the new O2 travel app which has downloadable city guides and maps. Also TripAdvisor, if that is your thing. The app is available in the app store if you wish to check it out.

I will be blogging my recommendations, but if you would like to see things unfold as they happen, follow on instagram, twitter and facebook (links in the side bar) or follow #O2Travel #ELAGRome.

Have you any tips for me? I have been many times but Rome has so many amazing restaurants and places to visit.

To get us started, from my last trip: A Postcard from Rome.

Come back tomorrow for a new recipe: Grilled Peaches with Cardamom Cream, Toasted Brioche Crumbs, Hazelnuts & Bourbon Caramel.



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  1. HHGeek says

    I know nothing of Rome, but I do know about sunburn & avoiding it, what with being a redhead & working outside. P20 (and its extended range) is brilliant stuff, and when they say once a day, they mean it. One bottle lasts me AGES. It’s not cheap, but it’s superb value. The only drawback is that it’s so efficient it has to be washed off with soap before going to bed, else otherwise it slightly discolours the sheets. Disclaimer: I have no interest in the product other than being a long term dedicated user.
    Plug over. :)

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