I am often asked, why the name Eat Like a Girl?  The answer is simple. Why should eating like a girl be a bad thing? Don’t we eat too? Real food, delicious food, food that is packed with flavour?

We do. And that is what I share here. Recipes for food that you will want to cook at home and that will cheer your lunch box and your evenings. Trustworthy restaurant recommendations to help you plan your social outings. Travel stories and recommendations for where you should eat, where you should stay and what you should bring home when you travel.

This is my space, and I share it with you, happily. Welcome! Make yourself at home. Shall I put the kettle on?


My name is Niamh. Now, don’t panic, it is just a name (an Irish one at that), and you pronounce it Knee-uv. I am an Irish ex-pat, based vaguely in London (well, I pay rent there at least), and I travel for much of my time. I love to meet people when I travel, learn their recipes, eat in their restaurants and wander their streets. I am a wanderer, and when I am not wandering, I can be found in my kitchen or in a restaurant, possibly a wine bar too. Ok, often a wine bar, and I love a bit of karaoke action too.


Most of the recipes are my own, some are shown to me on my travels (if this is the case I say so), occasionally some are from books that I find particularly engaging. If you try them I would love to hear how it goes. I love to hear from readers.

Comments are always welcome and appreciated. It’s lovely to hear from you, I know you’re out there but I have no idea who are! It makes it all very real and lovely when you announce yourself.


I teach cooking classes, run Sunday Bacon Club and also give occasional food tours (in London primarily). At the moment these are on an ad hoc / commission basis. If you would like me to teach a class for you, bring you on a food tour, drop me a line on niamh at eatlikeagirl dot com. I can do groups of up to 8 on a tour and the classes are flexible if you want a private one – whether in your home, or in a cookery school for larger numbers with the support of staff that I hire to support me. Please get in touch for details / prices. I know London, and I can show you it in all of its delicious glory, and I can also show you how to cook it.


I write here, there and everywhere about food, drink & travel. I am always available for work, regardless of how busy I seem, so if you are interested in speaking to me about some freelance writing or blogging, I would love to talk to you, do get in touch here or email me niamh@eatlikeagirl.com. I have written for many people, including Guardian Travel, Stylist Magazine & Ocado Magazine.


I have written a cookbook (with a stonking 157 recipes in it), which was published in 2011 by Quadrille. It is called Comfort & Spice, and is available in some bookshops and on Amazon. It is only available as a physical book at the moment. People said “the writing is inspired… the food is double inspired… here is a book that has been lived in: it’s funny, smart and real, just like the grub it lovingly describes.” (John & Sally McKenna’s Guides, 2011)

I am working on my second book, Project: BACON, all about bacon sweet / savoury / home curing / drinks. It will be out in late summer 2014

If you want to get in touch about anything here please email me at niamh@eatlikeagirl.com or contact me via the contact form.

Thanks for popping by! :)

Niamh x


One of Britain’s 500 Most Influential People (according to The Sunday Times / Debrett’s January 2014)

No 1 Food & Beverage Blog in the UK (according to Cision)

Interview with The Foodie Bugle

Ladies Who Tweet, Our Favourite Women to Follow on Twitter, Stylist Magazine, London, March 2011

Niamh Shields is a food writer, and one of the UK’s best known food bloggers. Her blog eatlikeagirl.com is a foodie’s delight, featuring original recipes inspired by her travels and some of her favourites from cook books, with plenty of gratuitous “food porn” photos. Follow Niamh if you’re an aspiring chef, love to cook, or are just a big fan of food (that’ll be us, then).

Highly Commended in the Observer Food Monthly Awards 2010

One of two blogs that were highly commended in the Observer Food Monthly Awards in October 2010.

The Best Food Blogs. Rose Prince, The Telegraph, 4th June 2010.

Niamh Shields shares do-able recipes and takes her integrity seriously.

June’s blogs of the month – Fiona Becketts Food & Wine Finds, June 4th 2010

An overdue mention of Niamh Shields Eat Like a Girl – not that she really needs one: she’s one of the UK’s best known food bloggers and was recently listed by the Times among their 40 bloggers who really count. I’m not sure how she finds time to work as she’s always popping off to have lunch for her new Posh Lunch Club feature, or going to tastings or writing up recipes or running a market stall or masterminding last year’s famous Blaggers’ Banquet but she’s a great girl.

40 Bloggers Who Really Count. The Times, May 1st 2010.

Primarily a cookery blog – if you’re after a recipe for slow-roast wild boar belly, look no further – but lately London-based Shields, who describes the blog as a “monument to pleasure and weight gain”, has been doing a lot of eating out. Recently, she organised a female-only carnivores’ night at Hawksmoor in Spitalfields (“Girl’s Just Wanna Have Steak!”).

Best of the Blogs. The Times, April 8th, 2010.

Niche: Obsessive food shenanigans from London-based Irish blogger Niamh Shields.

Log on: A heady mix of reviews, home cooking and community food initiatives.

Recent posts: Meaty reports from the first “girls’ steak night” at Hawksmoor and a butchery class at Allens of Mayfair. Photo-seasoned Posh Lunch Club reviews of Quo Vadis and the Ledbury.

Top tip: “Before roasting, pour some boiling water over the scored pork belly skin to encourage fantastic crackling.”

Taster: Gastro fun is the main theme. Popular recipes include roasted pork belly and courgette carbonara.

Most commented: Despite all the carnivorous capers, ELAG’s “veggie days” recipe for butternut squash, chickpea and spinach curry gets the thumbs-up from dozens of readers.

Top 10 food blogs from around the world, The Times, November 27, 2008.

More like “Eat Like a Baby Elephant” as Irish ex-pat Niamh Shields shares delicious recipes on the few occasions she is not dining out.

Listed in The Independent in June 2009 as Grub 2.0 food blogs to devour.

Eat Like a Girl

Great for: home cooking

Niamh Shields, an Irish ex-pat in London, writes witty and personal recipes for everything from chorizo burgers to Israeli couscous with onion squash, haricot beans and pumpkin seeds. Even her photos of each dish are enough to make the mouth water.

Listed on Time Out’s list of “London’s Best Food Blogs and Websites” in February 2009.

Inspiring recipes from London-based Irish blogger Niamh. There are a few restaurant reviews, but we come for the home cooking – the majority of the recipes are Niamh’s own. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out the post on Israeli couscous with onion squash, haricot beans and pumpkin seeds.

Log on because we’re not the only ones who rate it – ELAG was voted as one of the best food blogs in the world by the Times Online site.

She says ‘If you want me to do anything, bribe me with pork belly.’

Number 2 on the Wikio Top 100 Gastronomy blog rankings.

Featured on “Best of the Web” in Saveur, August 2009.


Featured on the fab 5 blog list on Fuel my Blog on the 30th July, 2007 and Blog of the day on 29th March 2008.

Israeli Couscous with onion squash, haricot beans and pumpkin seed was featured on Slashfood on November 19th, 2007. A Sunday Afternoon in Marylebone was featured on March 14th, 2008.

Andy Hayler: Refreshingly written food blog by an Irish girl living in London. Mainly recipes but some restaurant reviews also.

Described as a spectacular food blog on Random Creative.

Watch a video interview with me on Trusted Places.

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