Reviewing Policy

(it isn’t really a policy but I wanted to be clear, this was a pre-amble and became its own rant, so I placed it here)

You can’t win. I certainly feel like I can’t at times. When I love something, I have been bought, at least a tiny number love to think so. When I don’t post criticism I am weak, or don’t have knowledge.

Let me just state: I know food, I know good (and bad) cooking, my opinion is never bought, and everything shared here is shared honestly.

Now that is out, here is the detail.

I eat out a lot. Several times a week.  Sometimes new places, sometimes not. Almost always on my own dime, occasionally I accept an invite (when invited I will say so). I love some places, I really dislike some. I hate poor cooking and poor ingredient sourcing. It makes me really mad.

However, I choose not to write about everywhere I go. For many reasons. One is that every review takes a lot of time. By the time I have edited & adjusted the photos, a few hours are gone. By the time I write it, a few hours more.

Restaurant critics eat out lots and write about one place a week. That makes sense to me. However, people expect that bloggers should write about everywhere they lay their hat. Well, not me.

Life is busy, and I take no pleasure in reliving a negative experience in my downtime.  When I am occasionally commissioned to review elsewhere that is another story. Every now and then I am asked to review a specific restaurant for a magazine, that will always be honest and detailed, whether the meal was good or bad.

Here, I don’t bother. End of. I save that time for cooking and enjoying life a little bit, and sharing that here too.

I love to share my positive experiences here, in a sense it is a happy space. My recommendations of where you should go, what you should do and what you should cook at home. That is Eat Like a Girl, and the regulars here know that.

There is no harm re-iterating it once in a while, though. My opinions are my own – so tiresome to say – but if you didn’t know that why would you waste time reading? I wouldn’t know why.

(I am however working on something that will show you my London, and everywhere that I think you should explore will be included. If it isn’t mentioned, you can avoid it, unless you are sure I have made a mistake, and then I would love you to email me about it).


  1. Hi Niamh! I laughed out when I read this policy. So resonates my own thoughts. Maybe, I need to ‘quote’ this link in my own policy which right now is a para hiding within the many paras in About me! Love your posts:)

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