Blaggers’ Banquet

On November 15th, Londons’ Food & Drink Bloggers will be taking over Hawksmoor, the revered steakhouse in Liverpool St, for the blaggers’ banquet.

A first for Londoners – the Blaggers’  Banquet was an exciting 5 course dinner with matched drinks, created entirely by food and drink bloggers, and using only food and drink that we have blagged in aid of Action Against Hunger. Bloggers were the cooks and the sommeliers, front of house and the prep folk,  the kitchen porters and the cleaner uppers. We  staffed the bar, made the cocktails and the coffee, and best of all people reviewed us when we were done. And they liked it!

There was also a blaggers’ auction, where we will be auctioning exciting items we’ve blagged. This auction was two fold, a portion of it on the night, and the rest in the weeks following.  Tickets sold quickly in pairs for £150 and one table of 5 for £375. 5 pairs of tickets were auctioned starting from £75.

The Blaggers’ Banquet will be held again in 2011. More details will be available closer to the time.

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  17. says

    Enjoyed the post. Sounds like it was a great time! And glad to see Action against Hunger is being supported, they’re making great strides.

  18. Jenni Hodgson says

    I wish i could come up with interesting ideas like this to help a charity, i’ve been deliberating for about 2 years now on what it is i should do, i know i should do something, i don’t just want to throw money at it though. You’ve inspired me. Thank you. Jen x

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