GEORGIA! A Little More Georgia…

I found another memory card. Tucked away in a forgotten pocket of my camera bag. Stored on it were all the photos that I was sure that I took but couldn’d find. Food stuff, flea market stuff, a priest. It’s a little eclectic.

Promise a recipe later today :)

Some Georgian cheese in cheese action - cheese stuffed with fresher cottage cheese - very nice

Shaping bread

Traditional Georgian bread baking - people shaped!

Hazelnuts in a grape / flour shell - quite like it! (I brought some back too)

Sheep to the slaugter - literally (I was told for a religious sacrifice, it was on the church premises - I didn't see)

A priest before a baptism

Toupée & hat stall at the flea market in Tlibisi, Georgia


Georgia on My Mind: Some More Photos

I can’t resist. I just love looking back on the photos from last weekends trip to Georgia and I thought that I would share some more here. Lots of food stuff, lots of wine stuff, and lots of lovely people. Enjoy!

Gorgeous Georgian Landscape

Candles in the oldest Christian Orthodox chruch in Georgia (built circa 5th century)

Lighting candles in the church

Light entertainment

Georgian wishing tree


Georgian wine maker with his wine at a food & wine fair

A very happy monk, showcasing their wines and honey at a food & wine fair in Georgia

Georgian orange wine made by monks - really delicious - will explain in a post soon!


A Postcard from Tbilisi in Georgia

Greetings from Tbilisi in Georgia! I have the usual blog backlog with a couple of recipes to share with you this week – including an aromatic poached chicken (poached with lemongrass, galangal, chilli and such) – and also my mini guide to Gothenburg after last weeks trip. First though, while I am here, I want to share some photos of Tlibisi, the capital of Georgia, where I am spending my weekend.

Highlights? The food market was a huge one, the flea market also, although I resisted buying anything despite the many amazing gems. Having spent the last month sorting items for storage, I had to talk some sense to myself before embarking on the flea market voyage.

Lunch today was also great, featuring giant dumplings similar to my favourite Chinese Xiao Long Bao with soup inside. It turns out that they influence these, as they travelled to Mongolia, who brought similar here. That’s a rough summary, budding food anthropologists, but I just love a little cultural food quirk. Dinner was too, but I’ve not edited the photos yet, I’ll be back with those soon.

Khinkali: beef & pork dumplings with soup inside

Inside the dumpling :)

Lots of delicious walnut bits

Traditional sulphur baths - smell like rotten eggs but apparantly amazing for your skin and lungs

Two old ladies chinwagging by the cathedral, flower in the foreground

This made me smile! Extremely happy sculpture of a Georgian film director

Pomegranate flower




Preserved wild yellow Ppums - cooked traditionally with lamb & tarragon

Fresh walnuts

Marigolds and chillies

Pickled garlic

Some lovely friendly locals

Terrific Georgian smoked cheese

Icons watching over the cheeses

Another friendly local who requested that I take his picture :)

Flea Market

Flea Market

Flea Market

Flea Market