Competition: Win Signed Copies of My Cookbook, Comfort & Spice

Comfort & Spice - my cookbook! Win one of 5 signed copies.

Comfort & Spice – my cookbook! Win one of 5 signed copies.

Hallo folks! You all responded so well to my signed cookbook competition, I thought I would do another one. 5 signed copies this time – generously sponsored by Leisure Cooker, a provider of range cookers.

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All you need to do is comment, and let me know which of my recipes that you have tried so far is your favourite, or which one you would like to try. From the blog, from the Evening Standard, or wherever you found it.  Market research! Feedback is always good.

Have a wonderful Christmas. I will announce the winners and send the books in the New Year.

For those of you that don’t want to wait to see, you can buy it on Amazon: Comfort & Spice

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    • sarah clarke-feltham says

      i would also like to try the asian chicken skin skewers as I have never had anything like that and they sound lovely


  1. hannah oneill says


  2. Claire Leverett says

    I would like to try your chorizo burgers, my partner would LOVE Them!

  3. siobhan says

    I would like to try the recipe for Lemon and ricotta pancakes with raspberries!

  4. Neil Bradley says

    Definately the chorizo burgers. I love Chorizo Its got to be that. Sounds really Tasty.

  5. Mel Briscoe says

    I would love to try the Chipotle and brown sugar candied bacon honeycomb butter.

  6. james coxell says


  7. Aidan says

    Had a beautiful free range pork shoulder 4.9kg from a farm in Carlow yesterday. Was in slow oven from 11.45pm to 11am. Fed 8 easily plus loads of leftovers, gorgeous. Defo doing it again. Will be having pulled pork & chili pizzas on NYE

  8. I’d like to try the spiced chickpea, spinach and feta salad, as it fits in my new year’s resolution to eat more spinach and I’m a lazy cook so speedy suppers are perfect for me!

  9. David Lees says

    I enjoyed your Smoked Haddock Fishcakes, but I got into a sticky mess. However, my favourite is the Roast Pork & Black Bean Chilli. The chorizo burgers mentioned above are next on my list!

  10. andrea tinkler says

    I would love to try the Chipotle and brown sugar candied bacon honeycomb butter. can you imagine doing that on come dine with me…sounds amazing xx and doesnt look too hrd x

  11. Annie says

    Root Vegetable Dauphinoise is the perfect winter warmer and sounds quite fancy…

  12. Niamh Kennedy says

    the Chrizo burgers have my mouth watering and will have to be made in new year

  13. Helen says

    Your recipe for speedy spaghetti with tomato & prawns was delicious! Feeling exhausted and thinking I had nothing left in the house, I managed to dig out the ingredients for this from the freezer and cupboards and had dinner ready in no time at all. Perfect comfort food!

  14. Christian Cull says

    I really like the look of your overnight shoulder of pork with spiced apple relish. It sounds perfect for a wet and wuthering late December day as we move towards the new year. As the days grow darker and the evenings get longer, it’s a recipe to match the pace and indulgent mood of this time of year.

  15. Heather says

    Hi I would like to try beetroot, carrot and sesame salad. Might be simple but the flavours would be prefect xx

  16. Jenny Cooke says

    I’ve just made a huge pot of the butternut squash soup with chili and coconut. It’s absolutely gorgeous. My favourite soup, especially for cold night – perfect as I have prepared it to go away for a few nights with friends in a cottage.

  17. Lucy Starbuck Braidley says

    We had the whole roast celeriac from the blog with our Christmas dinner which was lush. I’d like to try the shoulder of pork though, that sounds great.

  18. Wesley says

    Best recipe from your blog that I have made is definitly bacon jam. I especially like the bizarre look it puts on people’s faces when you ask; “do you wanna try some bacon jam?”

  19. Wesley says

    Bacon Jam is definitely the signature recipe of this blog. I love everything bacon-based, but the jam gives me extra pleasure because it has the added bonus of putting a strange look on people’s faces just by saying; “would you like to try some bacon jam?”.

  20. Best recipe has to be the brown sugar candied bacon honeycomb butter. Would love love love it make it. Hoping to get to one of your bacon classes soon

  21. andi gibson says

    chorizo burgers, am interested to see if they come out fatty – mine always seem to.

  22. John Coughlin says

    Bacon Jam Fudge. I’d never have thought of bacon fudge but I like the sound of it and would love to try it.

  23. gilla01 says

    Lemon and ricotta pancakes with raspberries sounds very tasty. Would like to try them.

  24. Michelle Kinsey says

    Your recipe for speedy spaghetti with tomato & prawns sounds fab! 3 of my fave ingredients Spaghetti, tomatoes and Prawns, in one quick and easy dish. Yummy! As a working mum, finding time to cook meals can prove difficult, so definately looking forward to making this x

  25. Kevin Laing says

    Chorizo burgers would be my choice, tasty with a bite, yum , yum

  26. Aimee R says

    I know everyone else is saying the chorizo burgers, but I really would love to try these! Sounds amazingly tasty…

  27. Celia Howes says

    I tried the butternut squash, chickpea and spinach curry last night. It will definately be on the menu again. It was amazing……

  28. Fran says

    The Chicken and Chorizo pie…….. my mother cooked this when I brought my other half to meet the parents for the first time…….normally a fussy eater……it’s safe to say that the chicken and chorizo pie was a MASSIVE hit with him (and everyone else!)

  29. Karen Hadley says

    butternut squash chickpea spinach curry from your blog – yum – a firm favourite

  30. cheryl lovell says

    Mmmm chorizo burgers, something I have never thought of but sound amazing :)

  31. winnie manning says

    I love your writing and food photos. I want to try the pork and prawn patties.

  32. Bailey says

    I am in love with the Prawn and Pork Lemongrass Patties in Lettuce Leaf Wraps with Carrot Salad, it is so delish!!

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