This post is sponsored by Gourmio. It is a review of their service which delivers authentic Italian ingredients, semi-prepared meals and recipes straight to your home. Scroll to the bottom to get your code for a £20 voucher (aka one lovely Italian meal for two!). Delivery is free throughout the UK and the product is authentic and of a high quality. 

My love for Italian food is well documented. Every time I go to Italy I check in a second suitcase and fill it with food and wine. Whatever I can get, especially if I can’t get it at home. Even better if it is particularly local, an unusual pasta shape, a special salame, all of the lardo, all the time. Best quality pasta, seasonal ingredients, little things that make my heart sing. Inevitably I get carried away, I often get told off at the airport (for reasons of luggage weight), but it always leads to many happy evenings cooking at home. 

Friends remark on how much I cook at home, often. Especially now that I am documenting it on snapchat (I share my home cooking and lots of other randomness on there, do come join! Eatlikeagirl there, as with everywhere else). I do indulge in the occasional take away and I eat out a lot, but I am very happy at home by the stove and that is usually where you will find me. I find it very relaxing, and I love cooking good food at home. On occasion I am tired and a little weary and I want something easy and good. Lets call those cheese on toast days. Because inevitably that is where I end up. 

I am generally reluctant to use anything pre-prepared as often pre-prepared means industrial and things in your food that you mightn’t want to eat. There are often compromises of flavour and quality. I generally don’t trust that these things are good things for me to eat. 

Enter Gourmio. Gourmio deliver boxes of Italian ingredients and recipes to your home. Some of the work is done for you already, but everything is fresh and as though it came from a home kitchen. A friend recommended them to me before I agreed to work with them on this post. I took a look at their site and I was intrigued, both by the recipes which were very authentic and some new to me, and the quality of the ingredients.

How it works is you select the recipes that you want to cook, and they will deliver the ingredients along with the recipe. The recipes are also detailed on their site, and photo illustrated, stating very clearly what they will deliver and anything you might need at home (usually in terms of pots, pans etc.). Recipes change daily. 

I tried a few recipes to get a good view. Each recipe is detailed with times, calories and also suggested wine matches which you can add to your box. There are detailed easy to follow instructions, and photos so that you know what your finish dish should look like. These are detailed on the site and you also get a printed recipe card with picture instructions on delivery. I chose some recipes to try, which were delivered within a couple of days in a smart little box with a handle. Very compact and easy to get home from an office if you need to have it delivered there. 

I adore fresh pasta with ragu, and was pretty excited to get the Papardelle with Wild Boar Ragu (£14.50 for two) in my Gourmio box. Tagliatelle with ragu is one of my favourite things to eat when I visit Emilia Romagna. It is a deeply satisfying dish, but it takes time if you want to do it properly home. I do on occasion, it takes at least two and half hours, but longer if you are going to make the pasta yourself too (which you really should if you want to do it properly, and I know that sounds antsy, but this is how they do it in Emilia Romagna). 

The ragu arrives in a jar, the work is already done for you. A quick look at the ingredients reveals that it is all fresh with no preservatives. The jar is small but it is enough for two people comfortably. It comes with excellent fresh pasta, some carrots and a courgette to serve on the side, and some grated parmesan to serve with it. There is a little bottle of olive oil to fry everything in. A note 0n the pasta, this is the real deal and shouldn’t be confused with fresh pasta from the supermarket, which is generally an industrial product. 

Papardelle with Wild Boar Ragu

Papardelle with Wild Boar Ragu

Everything comes together quite quickly. There are just the vegetables to prepare, but cooking time is no longer than 7 minutes for the pasta and ragu in total. The finished dish is excellent, far exceeding my expectations, and taking me right back to one of my many bowls of tagliatelle with ragu in Bologna. 


Next up I tried the Lasagne con Radicchio, Fontina e Gorgonzola (£16.50 for two). A vegetarian dish and an unusual lasagne recipe for us in the UK, this was really pleasant and indulgent with the bitter radicchio blending nicely with the sweeter cheeses with bright tomato on top. The bechamel is pre prepared and pitch perfect, the cheeses at their best, and the pasta as it would be if you had bought it in Italy. It is very easy to put together in a foil tray provided, and cooks well. 

Lasagne con Radicchio, Fontina e Gorgonzola

Lastly, I opted for another vegetarian dish and one I love to make, Parmigiana di Melanzane (or Aubergine Parmesan), rich and gorgeous, the aubergines came grilled, the tomato sauce (made from San Marzano tomatoes) was prepared and the parmesan was already grated. All I had to do was chop the mozzarella. The dish took a short time to put together (again, in a foil dish provided) and then we just had to wait until it was baked. 

Parmigiana di Melanzane

Parmigiana di Melanzane

I really enjoyed and would recommend the service. I found it a superb idea for a relaxed evening in or for stress free feeding friends. All meals serve two and are perfect for a quiet night in. Prices vary but are all around £15-20 and delivery is free throughout the UK. This is not a subscription service either.  For the quality of the ingredients, the thorough instructions, friendly service, interesting recipes and the results, it is worth every penny.  I will use them again for sleepy evenings. 

If you fancy trying, and you should, you can try them now using the Gourmio code NIAMH (valid until May 31st), which will get you a £20 voucher. AKA one delicious meal for you and someone special, or for you with some leftovers for you the next day. 


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