This post was sponsored by Triumph as part of some work that I did with them on their #FindTheOne campaign. Most of you ladies, and perhaps some gents, will already know Triumph. A long established and trusted lingerie brand who want to help 500,000 women find the perfect bra. I spent a day with them so that I could #FindTheOne for me. 

Before I begin, this post is definitely one for the girls.

One of the challenges that I have faced in recent years, and I have been very open about this, is that I have thrown myself so much into my work (and I love it, I really do), it has really affected my body. Oscillating between being jet lagged and sleep deprived, always recipe testing, and working from home, working too much on my own, completely obsessed. I have become used to not quite feeling myself. I no longer have the 5 mile cycles to work and home that always kept me in shape before. And all the dancing (I love to dance!). I am changing this, but right now, and for the last few years, I have had a horrible battle with my weight.

It is not something that I get to talk about much here but I have always loved clothes. Dresses, vintage and quirky, stripy and bright. A dark mini dress paired with bright tights and bright contrasting shoes was one of my regular outfits of choice. Purple, pink, orange, green! Patent green pumps and a matching vintage bag cheered me up immensely many times. On a dark winters day I choose red tights, a quiet bright rebellion against the grey sky. An umbrella should be cheerful, bright yellow or blue, maybe a pretend sky. I like contrast and I like pops of colour, and I embrace it every chance I get.

[Year 2 & 3 of blogging – so far, so normal!]

The problem with putting on weight, and dramatically, lets be honest, is that when you put do, you don’t feel good in yourself or about yourself. You lose all sense of body recognition, identifying with the body shape that you had and knew so well, and not the one that you now need to embrace. The one that you don’t want at all, but you are literally lumped with, for a while.

So, what is the best thing to do? Well, maybe eat some more, I mean you will change tomorrow, right? Eating feels good, always so nice. I joke, but I love food, it is what I do, it excites me, it intrigues me, I love to cook and I love to eat out. Right? Pass the pasta.

But then I thought, maybe I should stop feeling bad, and blaming myself, and making it worse with comfort eating? I don’t want to feel bad about food either, I just really need to exercise a bit more, and every day, like I did before. I had a bit of a breakthrough when I realised that my thoughts were becoming toxic. that I need to see people a bit more too. I needed to get back to my positive state of mind, the one where anything is possible.

[Behind the scenes on the Triumph shoot]

In the interim, accepting myself for who I am, right now, and always, regardless, I embraced Triumph‘s offer and treated myself to a day with them. I got all glammed up, I felt good, it was so much fun. Hey, they even embraced my half inclined curls (almost every hairdresser I have met likes to pretend that I have straight hair).

Post triumph shoot, all glam! (I met a friend for coffee, hence the pic :) )

Post triumph shoot, all glam! (I met a friend for coffee, hence the pic :) )

I had a fitting – and guess what, they had gorgeous stuff for everyone, not just the tiny people. Better still, they felt good and looked good too. A fitting for me used to be an awkward thing, I mean getting undressed in front of a stranger, in front of a mirror, under a bright light, all so that they can judge you? Where is the fun in that, right? But they aren’t judging, all they are doing is looking at you, honestly as you should, and ensuring that you wear the right size. They want you to be comfortable and to feel good. That is what they do.

In the end, I went for the Beauty-Full range, a gorgeous selection of feminine and supportive underwear (doesn’t supportive just sound dreadful, or is that just me? I always think of support tights). Comfort with my all important pops of colour and contrast. Bright colours, beautiful fabrics, lots of choice, who knew?

We women need to be less hard on ourselves, we are our own worst critics. All that matters is being healthy and as a result feeling good. I am on the road there, and I will get there soon. Care to join me? Let me know!

You can get involved with the #FindTheOne campaign on Facebook,  on Twitter at @TriumphUK, Instagram also at @TriumphUK and the Triumph Find The One Hub



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