This post is part of a sponsored series that I am working on with BRITA as part of their Better with BRITA campaign. I explored recipes that use BRITA filtered water as a key ingredient, in this instance a lovely water based chocolate ganache or chantilly.

We are all familiar with chocolate ganache, the cream and chocolate based gorgeousness that forms the basis of truffles, amongst other things. Did you ever think about making a ganache with water? Hervé This, a physical chemist with a passion for food did in his book Molecular Gastronomy, Exploring the Science of Flavour. He named it chocolate chantilly, but it is equally a ganache or a mousse. Magic!

Adding water to chocolate can make it seize and make it very unpleasant, however, This discovered a technique where you can emulsify chocolate with water, and shared the quantities that can make this work. Now, many chocolatiers use this technique to make water ganaches and vegan chocolate truffles.

I love a bit of kitchen geekery, and so I enjoyed played around with this. Using the correct quantities, a good chocolate rich with cocoa butter emulsified with water (cheap chocolate with vegetable oils will not work here), reveals a chocolate chantilly that is smooth and rich and a little light. Very healthy too, good dark chocolate is a delicious and healthy thing for your body, adding water instead of cream lightens the calorie load and gives a more direct chocolate flavour hit.

Expecting it to be complicated and requiring a lot of attention, I was thrilled to discover that this is speedy and very easy, and it sets quickly too (ten minutes versus at least an hour for the cream ganache equivalent), if you want it to be a chocolate mousse or to make truffles. This mentions that orange juice works well in addition with the water, and so I made a spritely chocolate orange chantilly, which was perfect with my pancakes.

It is Pancake Tuesday tomorrow, so lets do this!

Recipe: Pancakes with Chocolate Orange Chantilly & Oranges

Makes approx 6 – 8 pancakes



100g plain flour
pinch salt
2 large eggs
200ml full fat milk
50ml BRITA filtered water
25g butter
more butter for frying

Chocolate Orange Chantilly

200g good dark chocolate
100ml BRITA filtered water
50ml fresh orange juice
bowl of iced water

2 oranges, peeled with white pith removed and separated into segments


First prepare your pancakes, and keep wrapped in foil in a low oven until ready to eat them. Sift the flour and salt into a bowl. Create a well in the centre. Whisk the eggs with the milk and water, slowly add to the flour, drawing in the flour from the sides as you do with a fork or whisk. Melt the butter and whisk in. Fry the pancakes in a little melted butter each time, pouring in just enough batter to lightly cover your frying pan. Cook for a couple of minutes until the edges are set and the bottom is browning, then flip (using a fish slice, no dramatics required here!), and cook for a further minute.

Prepare a pot of boiling water with a heat proof bowl that will sit snugly on it to melt the chocolate. Add the water and orange to the bowl over the pan of water, and bring to the boil. Add the chocolate and whisk in until melted, which will happen very quickly. Remove the bowl from the heat.

Serve the warm pancakes with the warm chocolate orange chantilly, and with the orange segments on the side.

Note: if you want to cool the chantilly down to use it as a mousse or ganache, continue whisking in the same bowl over a larger bowl of iced water until cold, and immediately transfer to serving dishes if using as a mousse. use the iced water to reduce the temperature quickly and evenly. It takes only minutes.



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