Posh Lunch Club


Fine dining, once perceived as elusive and perhaps elitist, at least on a regular basis is fantastically achievable if you dine at lunch time, and eat from the set menu.

Always well priced, sometimes including wine, it’s a great way of living the high life a bit more regularly than you would otherwise be able to, and finding those restaurants that you may like to go back to and try a tasting menu.

I will be blogging a Posh Lunch Club post at least once a week and updating the list here. I do hope you enjoy it, if you try them please let me know how you find it! Comments always welcome.

  1. Announcing Posh Lunch Club: First Stop, Arbutus

  2. Posh Lunch Club: Quo Vadis

  3. Posh Lunch Club at The Ledbury

  4. Posh Lunch Club at Kitchen W8, Kensington

  5. Posh Lunch Club at The River Cafe

  6. Posh Lunch Club at Terroirs

  7. Posh Lunch Club at Galvin Bistrot de Luxe

  8. Posh Lunch Club at Texture

  9. Posh Lunch Club at Tom’s Kitchen

  10. Posh Lunch Club: Summer Special at Bob Bob Ricard

  11. A Sneak Peek: Posh Lunch Club at Viajante

  12. Posh Lunch Club: Living it Large at Viajante

  13. Posh Lunch Club at Viajante: That 6 Course Lunch

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  1. Hi darling, let me know whenever you fancy trying somewhere in the City, would love to go posh lunching with you!

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

  2. Sally says

    I took your advice on fine dining at lunch… have chnaged my Boys mind about the whole ‘ripoff fussy’ food thing now… thanks!

  3. Paul oneill says

    Hi niamh
    We met at lawrie’s towpath supper club. I love your blog.
    My US friend has his parents plus family staying with him over new year. He’s looking to treat them…
    You heard of anything interesting/delicious popping up for new year’s?

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  5. I reccomend that you try Zucca restaurant on Bermondsey Street. Great authentic, yet simple Italian food – well-cooked, well-presented and well-priced. Fab wine selection too.

  6. Started my own posh lunch club as a result of reading about yours. What a massive idea that was. We started at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze (memorable for the wrong reasons) and then went to Pollen Street Social to make full use of the desert bar (I cannot recommend that to you enough). We absolutely smashed it! Next time Viajante. ye ye ye.

  7. Have you tried Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner in London for lunch? The price, ambience and food are great! I too love the posh lunch club.

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  9. pip says

    Fab.. I was hoping there was a list I could look through! What a great idea :)

  10. Hi Niamh
    Don’t know if it’s to do with the redesign, but some of the links on this page go to the wrong lunch club. Not that I mind, always happy to read about any restaurant.

  11. Niamh- Gingoddess’s comment still applies. When you click on the link it doesn’t seem to send you to the right club. In other news, you absolutely need to revive this!

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