Kroppkakor at Ninnis in Öland, Sweden

Kroppkakor at Ninnis in Öland, Sweden

I am sitting here indoors looking out at the summer sun. It is gorgeous. The only mild frustration being an idiot wasp who keeps flying in through my window, only to get stuck and freak out, buzzing frantically for at least five minutes every time. Initially I was helping him out with paper, but I have given up now and am trying to tune him out.

My garden in the mornings is like the cast of Despicable Me. The squeaky over enthused baby birds chirping randomness into the air from way too early in the morning. But it is summer, and it is sunny, and I will forgive these creatures their annoying habits. I am sure I annoy them too with my open windows and untended garden. However, I must remind them that I am the one paying rent here.


Kroppkakor at Ninnis in Öland, Sweden

Kroppkakor at Ninnis in Öland, Sweden

Kroppkakor at Ninnis in Öland, Sweden

This time last week I was in Öland, making midsummer head dresses and eating dumplings, washing it all down with aquavit. It was a gorgeous day and is now a lovely memory. The dumplings are particular to this part of the world and remind me a little of Acadian poutine râpée which I had in New Brunswick in Canada.

The wheat field next to Ninnis. The wheat swayed gently and hypnotically. So soothing.

The wheat field next to Ninnis in Öland, Sweden. The wheat swayed gently and hypnotically. So soothing.

Ninnis, where I had these, were kind enough to give me the recipe. You should be able to get most things easily. You can get potato flour relatively easily here, and you can certainly get it in Chinatown (it is sometimes called potato starch). For salted pork use uncooked ham, or treat yourself with a mix of (uncooked) ham and bacon. That is what I would do (and plan to).

Because these are boiled and the potatoes are starchy, they are a bit sticky but eased with a coating of cream and soothed with lingonberry jam. Very comforting, and very popular in Sweden. It is also common to eat them with butter, but this isn’t essential.

Kroppkakor at Ninnis

Kroppkakor at Ninnis in Öland, Sweden

RECIPE: Ninnis Kroppkakor from Öland, Sweden


5 kg raw potatoes
300 g boiled potatoes
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup potato flour


1 kg salted pork
3 onions
salt, finely grated allspice

Water and salt, to boil


Peel and grate the potatoes. Squeeze them into a solid mass. Grate the boiled potatoes and mix the potatoes with salt and potato flour. If the paste is hard, dilute it with water until it is like a dough and easy to manage.

Cut the pork into small dice. Peel and mince the onion. Mix the small pork cubes and the minced onion. Season with salt and the ground allspice.

Shape the mixture into balls. Flatten and add a hefty spoonful of filling. Roll into round balls.

Place the dumplings in boiling water, it is really important that the water is boiling! Allow them to simmer, without a lid, for one hour.

Eat hot with fresh cream and lingonberries or lingonberry jam.

Kroppkakor at Ninnis

Kroppkakor at Ninnis



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