This post is a happy sponsored collaboration with Yealands Family Wines. Eat Like a Girl only partners with carefully selected producers who share our values. Read more about sponsored content on Eat Like a Girl.  Read on to discover more about Yealands Family Wines, how to nab yourself one of 90 sets of 6 bottles of wine and how to make an Eat Like a Girl recipe designed to match them. 

You didn’t really need an excuse to whip out a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc today did you? But it is International Sauvignon Blanc Day so let’s make it a bit special. I have partnered with Yealands Family Wines for this post, an exploration of their wines, a lively and gorgeous recipe for you to make to go with them for Sauvignon Blanc Day, and a chance for you to win one of 90 Cellar Door Gift packs (with 6 bottles in each pack, 2 x Peter Yealands, 2 x Peter Yealands Reserve and 2 x Yealands Estate Single Vineyard).

Wonderful, right?! Let’s get started.


You will need no introduction to Sauvignon Blanc, a particularly popular wine in this part of the world, especially those from New Zealand. Yealands Family Wines are creating exceptional Sauvignon Blanc wines in Marlborough, the flagship region in New Zealand. The wines are created using sustainable methods. Yealands create their own energy with the ultimate goal being to generate enough energy to become self-sufficient using solar energy and wind power, and ideally supply any surplus back to the national grid. For lawnmowers they have tiny Babydoll sheep and Kunekune pigs who graze the grass in the vineyard. They don’t eat the grapes as they are too small to reach them. This reduces energy spend and, naturally, these also provide a natural fertiliser. The policies extend to the packaging too which is lightweight, shatterproof and 100% recyclable.

Yealands care about the land and want to leave it better than they found it, they are developing their own wetlands, make their own special compost and use natural pest control initiatives. These include 100 free range hens (mainly rescued battery hens) that act as a natural pest control. The eggs are a bonus and are donated to a local food kitchen and shared among the staff. Solar energy is used to play classical music to the vines too. Studies have shown that the vines respond positively to the sound waves, and the chickens do too. Don’t you want to visit there and sit among the vines with the tiny sheep, pigs and chickens and listen to the music. I do!

Yealands Family Wines Sauvignon Blanc

What about the wines themselves? These wines are a world away from the more familiar New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs. These have great structure, elements of citrus and minerality. They are terrific food wines and they will complement flavours of citrus and herbs, are wonderful with seafood, and great with Thai food in particular. Try them with goat’s cheese or some lamb with salsa verde also. 

Peter Yealands Sauvignon Blanc – award winning crisp wine that is fruit forward (think stone fruit, guava) with a lovely fresh mineral finish. Great aperitif. Buy online at Sainsbury’s for £7.

Peter Yealands Reserve Sauvignon Blanc – a more aromatic wine with peach and passion fruit notes, some citrus and a lovely crisp finish. Buy at Waitrose Cellar for £11.59.

Yealands Estate Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc – a special wine with flavours of gorgeous guava, blackcurrant leaf and herbs, layered with citrus. Buy at Great Western Wine for £11.95.

Another idea - edible flower petals, here organic tulip petals (they must be organic as normal tulips are sprayed with toxic chemicals often) filled with a goat's cream cheese and chives.

Another idea – edible flower petals, here organic tulip petals (they must be organic as normal tulips are sprayed with toxic chemicals often) filled with a goat’s cream cheese and chives.

#ExpressYourSauv – We want to celebrate International Sauvignon Blanc Day with you!

Now the very good news. There are 90 sets of 6 wines, 2 of each listed above, up for grabs. It is ridiculously easy to enter.

Simply share your details here to enter:

*Entry is open to residents from Australia, United Kingdom and Canada only. Full T&Cs available on the website.

Chilli & Coriander Prawn & Scallop Toasts
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Chilli & Coriander Prawn & Scallop Toasts


  • 100g raw scallops (just the white part)
  • 100g raw prawns
  • 2 cloves garlic, peeled
  • thumb sized piece of ginger, peeled and roughly chopped
  • 1 small hot chilli (like a Thai chilli)
  • 2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander
  • 1 tbsp fish sauce
  • juice of half a lime
  • sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper
  • good bread sliced into strips (will make 8-10 toasts about an inch wide and 4 inches long)
  • neutral oil for frying, suggest one with a high smoke point like groundnut


  • This is easiest with a food processor or blender. First blitz the garlic, chilli and ginger until fine. Then add the prawns, scallops, fish sauce and lime. Blitz until a coarse paste. Stir through the coriander by hand, and season with salt and pepper. Fry a small ball of the mix to make sure the seasoning is right.
  • Prepare the toasts by spreading the paste on the bread. Simple!
  • Heat an inch of oil in a heavy frying pan until 160 deg C (or until the a piece of bread dropped in immediately sizzles). Put the toasts in, fish side down, and cook for 5 minutes. Don't crowd the pan, cook them in batches if you need to. Turn and cook until the toast side is crisp and approaching golden.
  • Remove to a plate with kitchen paper on.
  • Eat hot with a glass of lovely chilled Yealands Sauvignon Blanc on the side.



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