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Road Testing the Tefal Cuisine Companion (and one to Giveaway Worth £750) – In Partnership with Tefal

This is a carefully selected sponsored post in partnership with Tefal. I review the Tefal Cuisine Companion, a new appliance for the modern kitchen which claims to offer home cooks an extra pair of hands as it chops, steams, cooks, kneads and makes sauces over a range of temperatures and speeds. Most kitchen appliances compete for space amid cluttered kitchen counters. Particularly in tiny urban kitchens like my own. A piece of kit needs to earn a permanent space, it doesn’t just get one. Items that I use occasionally live in my office, and are brought out when I need them. If they cut the mustard. If they don’t, I don’t have any space for them at all. My small London flat is bursting at the seams, and I feel my head might too at times. Do you feel the same in your kitchen? I would imagine many passionate home cooks do. In terms of kit, my small kitchen has very limited counter space with few permanent residents. There is a mixer which I use …


Road Testing the OpenTable Gift Card (Perfect for Valentine’s!)

This post is a sponsored post, in partnership with OpenTable, the online real-time restaurant reservation service. For this post, they provided me with a £150 Open Table gift card to trial at a restaurant of my choice. Opinions and editorial are entirely my own, as always. It is almost Valentine’s Day, and so for sure many of you reading have plans to eat out. Somewhere romantic maybe, somewhere you have wanted to eat for a while, somewhere where you could get a reservation! The stats say that 1 in 4 men fail to book their Valentine’s Day restaurant due to leaving it too late. Only 38% of women book the romantic meal themselves on Valentine’s Day. Maybe you will have a Galentine’s celebration with your friends, as I did today. 1 in 10 reservations on Valentine’s Day through OpenTable are for groups of more than 2. Of course us Londoners tend to book more than two months in advance with the earliest OpenTable booking for Valentine’s Day 2016 being a year prior. I am impressed …

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Kitchen Essentials Giveaway! Le Creuset Casserole, Thermapen, Microplane & More

This competition is brought to you in partnership with E.ON. See if you could save money with their gas and electricity deals today. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Here is a lovely pre Xmas prize giveaway for you! E.ON gave me a budget for a shopping haul which I would then giveaway to you. What to buy?  I wanted to buy wonderful things for your kitchen. I thought about a hamper, I thought about wine, and then I thought about kitchen essentials and the things that I use every day and would not be without. I asked you on twitter and facebook what your kitchen essentials are. There were many answers, and there was a lot of overlap.  This comes up often. The Guardian interviewed me recently and asked me about the one thing that I could not be without in my kitchen. When I started out my kitchen was bare, but over the years I have added to it. The reality at this point is that I have a lot of kitchen kit, but as …


48 Hours in Dublin (And Where to Eat & Drink)

This post was sponsored by Avios who challenged me to Do More and spend 40,000 Avios getting to and in a location of my choice. I could have comfortably gone anywhere in Europe, but I chose Dublin, because I love any opportunity to go home, and reconnect. 48 hours in Dublin is a treat. So close to London, just over an hour on a flight, and for me an opportunity to reconnect and plug in to my culture. Ireland is very different to the UK, and people often don’t understand that. Sure, there is a common language, but the cultures diverge. Everything you have heard about us being oh-so-very-friendly is true, even in a major city like Dublin you will find that most will chat to you for no reason other than being curious about who you are and what you do. Ireland is also a haven for creatives. Many artists, musicians and writers call Ireland home, as do many tech geeks (Dublin is home to the European headquarters of Google, Twitter & Facebook). For food …


Potato Pancakes with Smoked Salmon, Chives and Cream Cheese

This content was sponsored by and for their campaign Potatoes: More than a bit on the side. This is a recipe that I created in partnership with them because, you know how much I love the humble spud, and I believe that they are under rated and under used. I adore potatoes and was delighted to work with the campaign. Potatoes are my weakness. I adore them in all shapes and sizes. I look forward to the new potato season every year, I love little waxy ones in a salad, I love a boiled fluffy one with a little sea salt and butter, potato gnocchi are a joy, and crisps, well I am helpless in the face of some of them. Have you discovered purple potatoes yet? They are wonderful (but too hard to come by, lets change that!).  Potatoes get a bad rap, but they are a great source of energy, high in fibre, low in fat and rich in vitamins C & B6 and potassium. They are speedy to prepare too, …


Hello Autumn! Baked Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Dolcelatte and Kale (In Partnership with Galbani)

This post is a carefully selected sponsored post, in partnership with Galbani. I went to Galbani HQ to cook fonduta with Joe Hurd, a very talented Anglo-Italian chef (see video below for recipe). They also tasked me with coming with a recipe of my own, using one of their products. I chose dolcelatte, a gentle blue cheese created by Galbani, and a cheese that I love to nibble on. Gnocchi drive the fear into most home cooks. I know, I have been there. Afraid of over working the dough and making them heavy, most people don’t work the dough enough (and it is a dough) and end up with something fluffy and despairing. I have been there too. What I realised, is that you need to show the gnocchi who is boss, while retaining a lightness of touch. Great cooking is all about taking control whilst retaining attention to detail. Lightness of touch, taking your time (when you can) and small details like fine chopping give best results. Of course, Italians will tell you too …


No Place Like Home with My Recipe for Moutabal & a Competition (In Partnership with British Gas)

This post is a sponsored post in partnership with British Gas who are running a No Place Like Home Competition, where you can win £100 John Lewis gift vouchers, a personal chef to cook for your family worth up to £1000 and lots of other prizes by tweeting @BritishGas describing the one thing that makes your house a home, together with the hashtag #NoPlaceLikeHome. I love home and I love it more as I get older. When I was younger I didn’t give a fig. I travel so much it is deeply important to me that reconnect and that I feel at home when I am there. I need to maximise and immerse in the time I have, the first few days after a long trip I hardly leave. When jet lagged especially, I don’t always feel like myself (and I am jet lagged as I type this, so I know). I pine after a home of my own, increasingly in recent years, but for now, like most other Londoners, I rent a place that …


Sponsored: Uncovering the Best & Most Surprising Food As We Travel (In Partnership With Travelex)

This post is sponsored by leading foreign exchange provider Travelex, whose research revealed that over half of Brits now choose their holiday destination based on what food they’ll eat. Since then they’ve been eavesdropping across Twitter to uncover the hottest food trends around the world. The world is a peculiar place, there is no doubt about that. People travel to London to find the best British food, while us Londoners obsess with ramen, udon, and gourmet hot dogs. Go to Bubbledogs, we roar, and eat fantastic and quirky hot dogs, wash them down with grower champagne! Don’t neglect Koya! Do you fancy some Peruvian food while you are here? Let’s swing by Lima! And when in Lima, the city in Peru, not the London restaurant, you must eat Japanese food. It is excellent there due to the wave of Japanese immigration in the 20th century.  Noodles and quail at Koya Bar in London The report by the travel money provider also delved into social media to check out where in the world people were getting excited about …

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Competition! Win a Blender and a Triumph Lingerie Set of Your Choice

This is the second of two sponsored posts written in partnership with Triumph, as part of their #FindTheOne campaign. Most of you ladies, and perhaps some gents, will already know Triumph. A long established and trusted lingerie brand who want to help 500,000 women find the perfect bra. I spent a day with them so that I could #FindTheOne for me. Details on the competition are at the end of the post. The odds are super, so do enter, and the very best of luck! 


Have you Found the One? Not THAT one, THIS one! (In Partnership with Triumph)

This post was sponsored by Triumph as part of some work that I did with them on their #FindTheOne campaign. Most of you ladies, and perhaps some gents, will already know Triumph. A long established and trusted lingerie brand who want to help 500,000 women find the perfect bra. I spent a day with them so that I could #FindTheOne for me.  Before I begin, this post is definitely one for the girls.

Cauliflower Cous Cous with Chicken, Carrot, Cabbage & Almonds

Cauliflower Cous Cous with Chicken, Carrot, Cabbage & Almonds (In Partnership with BRITA)

This post is the second in a sponsored series that I am working on with BRITA as part of their Better with BRITA campaign. I explore recipes that use BRITA filtered water as a key ingredient, in this instance a healthy and nutritious one pot dish based on cauliflower cous cous.  Not only is this a healthy and nutritious one pot dish, it is also speedy and very flexible. It is a frugal dish also, a perfect dish for using up the ends of veg that are lurking in your fridge. Combining lots of different flavours and textures makes this dish even better.  The base of it is a cous cous, well, kind of. It is a cauliflower cous cous, fond of dieters of all descriptions. I love cauliflower, it is so good raw, unbeatable with cheese and perfect with spice. It is great roasted whole, steamed in florets, and superb when blitzed in a food processor into a rice or cous cous. I am not generally a fan of veg a sa substitute for carbs, but this …


Pancakes with Chocolate Orange Chantilly & Oranges (In Partnership with BRITA)

This post is part of a sponsored series that I am working on with BRITA as part of their Better with BRITA campaign. I explored recipes that use BRITA filtered water as a key ingredient, in this instance a lovely water based chocolate ganache or chantilly. We are all familiar with chocolate ganache, the cream and chocolate based gorgeousness that forms the basis of truffles, amongst other things. Did you ever think about making a ganache with water? Hervé This, a physical chemist with a passion for food did in his book Molecular Gastronomy, Exploring the Science of Flavour. He named it chocolate chantilly, but it is equally a ganache or a mousse. Magic! Adding water to chocolate can make it seize and make it very unpleasant, however, This discovered a technique where you can emulsify chocolate with water, and shared the quantities that can make this work. Now, many chocolatiers use this technique to make water ganaches and vegan chocolate truffles. I love a bit of kitchen geekery, and so I enjoyed played around with …

Your Guide to Wines for Christmas (Chosen by Me, In Partnership with M&S)

I recently worked with Marks & Spencer to come up with a selection of wines from their range to give you some inspiration for Christmas. From fine wines to eclectic tipples, some of them are bargains, all are priced well. After all, we want more than one bottle to get us in the festive swing, so I like to buy great value wines as well as something special. I suggest some food too, and as we will all be overwhelmed with Christmas by the time it comes around, something a bit different from the usual festive fare in some cases. It goes without saying, but I had complete free range to do whatever I wanted here, and I was quite impressed with the options. Enjoy! The Novice – For someone who’s just starting to appreciate wine You like wine, but you don’t know too much about it (although I expect you probably know more than you think). You probably let others pick from the list when you are out for dinner, but you are hosting …

Chicken Rendang (In Partnership with Le Creuset)

This post was sponsored by Le Creuset. They asked me to write a one pot recipe and to choose one of their pots to cook it in. I fancied something spiced,  slow cooked and full of character,  so I settled on a rendang inspired by my travels to Malaysia. I chose a shallow pot that would aid evaporation, caramelisation and intensification of the sauce  (a 30cm shallow casserole, in lovely Marseille blue).  I have been to Malaysia twice in the past year, to the tip of it in Langkawi, and the bottom, Sabah, Borneo. I love it there for many reasons. The monkeys (who can resist?), the rainforests and the gorgeous seas, the sandy beaches and the mangrove trees. Best of all is the food, seasoned with punchy aromatics and a little spice. Where India has spices, Malysia has aroma – galangal, lime leaves, lemongrass, lots of fresh turmeric – and slow cooked tender meats, bright fish, with sometimes funky undertones from fermented fish. For this project, I settled on a chicken (ayam) rendang, the perfect food for a …

[Preview] Sharing Stories: An Italian Dining Experience & an Exclusive 2-4-1 Ticket Offer for Eat Like a Girl Readers (In Partnership with Peroni Nastro Azzurro Alta)

This post was sponsored by Peroni Nastro Azzurro Alta. I attended the preview dinner of Sharing Stories: A New Italian Dining Experience, details of which are here.  The dinner is a once off, on Wednesday 26th November at Daphne’s in London, and includes 3 cocktails, complimentary Peroni Nastro Azzurro Alta, and a bespoke menu created by Daphne’s head chef.  A special 2-4-1 offer is available exclusively for Eat Like a Girl readers. Details are at the end of the post. The dinner is to celebrate the launch of Alta, a new sharing bottle designed to be enjoyed with friends. All photos were provided by Peroni, the editorial is mine. To showcase the launch of the new Alta bottle, Peroni is hosting an exclusive supper club at Daphne’s in South Kensington. Sharing Stories: An Italian Dining Experience will be a multi course feast created by Daphne’s Head Chef, Michael Brown. It will bring to life the diners’ most memorable Italian experiences through taste, smell and sound. The entire night will be created from the diners’ impressions of …

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A Big Brunch and a Recipe for Louisiana Crab Cakes with Poached Eggs & Tabasco Hollandaise (In Partnership with Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce)

Brunch! Boiled Eggs and Tabasco butter soldiers; Feta, Corn & Tabasco Cakes; Tabasco Crab Devilled Eggs; Louisiana Crab Cakes with Poached Eggs & Tabasco Hollandaise Brunch is my thing. I have brunch everyday when I am at home. I am a sleepy morning creature and my body is not ready for anything except coffee for the first few hours. I have always been like this. My body likes evenings and night time, and while early morning is beautiful and, increasingly, I do wish I was a morning person, it is not when I am at my best. I am great at brunch though. I love it. My body is awake and hungry and eager to eat. Often eggs. Almost always with some chilli. I love a brunch dish that packs some heat (as you will have seen regularly on my instagram). Eggs never cease to amaze me with the amount you can do with them. Fried, poached, boiled, gooey, oozy, spread on toast soldiers. Eggs are brilliant when you force fat into them, as you do when …

A Weekend in Rome & Where to Eat & Drink There (In Partnership with O2 Travel)

  Despite four visits, Rome continues to surprise and remains one of my favourite cities to return to. It is utterly charming, from the free running nasones (water fountains, they translate as noses!) to the many fountains.  I always see new things, stay in new places, and discover great places to eat & drink. Well, that is why we go isn’t it? For carbonara, gelato, porchetta, Roman pizza, and that is just the start. I have my favourites, of course, that I return to all the time, but on this occasion, as I was there with O2 Travel to road test their internet and app, I used these to explore further.