Getting to know me: A video interview with Trusted Places

Recently, Walid from Trusted Places got in touch about doing an interview for The Trusted Places Blog. If you don’t know Trusted Places, you should. It’s is a community based reviewing site that allows you to post reviews, setup your own community of reviewing friends and it indicates people with similar tastes as you which can be really good if you are scouting new bars and restaurants! It has received fantastic acclaim in the press and has been listed in the top 25 UK startups in the Register, the Top 10 British Dotcoms to watch in the Guardian, the 50 Best Travel Websites and website of the week in the Times Online and on and on.

I really like it, I tend to look there for reviews of new places (as well as blogs of course!) and I’ve been a member and user of their site for a while, so, I thought that it might be fun to go down and meet them. Here are the results!

Important ps. My time/money comment followed a discussion about high end restaurants and how I’d love to go to more of them every week. That’s edited out so out of context it sounds worse than it is. So, please don’t worry, I am not impoverished and do treat myself ;-)
It’s a dreadful phrase that seeped in from my project management day job. Sigh.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.534454&w=425&h=350&fv=] from the Trusted Places Blog

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Easter roundup

I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter, and that, like me you are all full and tucked up nice and warm :-)

I am at home in Ireland, and so, generally enjoying other people’s food (roast pork today! mmm), so I don’t have anything to share with you bar a picture of my Easter egg. Other blogger’s have done wonderfully, so I’ll share a few of my Easter favourites from the web. I am full and feeling a little unhealthy after all this indulgence so I have been focussing (mainly but not exclusively) on the healthier recipes.

There’s Roman Easter Soup at Serious Eats.

Pille, at Nami Nami, made marbled beetroot eggs.

On a similar theme, Eating out Loud has chinese tea eggs.

Not on my savoury buzz? Prefer something sweeter? There are seriously beautiful Golden Easter Eggs on the Kitchn.

And, finally, Cream Puffs in Venice made Easter Egg Nest Cupcakes.

Enjoy the rest of this chocolatey day!

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Hinamatsuri – Japanese Girl’s Day

I was in Japan last year around the time of Hinamatsuri – Japanese Girl’s Day or the Doll Festival. It was really charming. Traditionally, all houses (and hotels in my case!) have dolls on display that represent the Emperor and Empress dressed in the traditional dress of the Heian period, often other dolls too representative of other people in the court. It’s believed that these dolls can contain bad spirits and that these bad spirits are removed from the house when the dolls are floated down the river.

I’ve been eating alot of Japanese food of late, and had many trips to the Japan Centre in Picadilly. I spotted the hinamatsuri dolls on my last trip and this prompted a fit of nostalgia and a longing for a break and the thought – I wonder what kind of food is associated with hinamatsuri? I had a browse and I found the most wonderful things. Japanese food is fabulous on so many levels: fresh, bursting with flavour and the presentation is always beautiful. Here’s two items I found, although the first link is actually a link to many other blogs.

The Bento Challenge have a fantastic selection of hinamatsuri themed bento boxes, including one brilliant and very Japanese Hello Kitty one. I also quite like the one with the girl made of ham!

At Just Hungry, Maki has made gorgeous Shell-shaped sushi (Hamaguri-zushi).

As I’ve been a little crap on the food front, I’ll wheel out some of my photos from Japan last year to give you some colour. Girlie photos for a belated girl’s day. Any excuse, I know ;) Enjoy!

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