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Santorini, Greece

Greece: Grace, Santorini & Dining at Matsuhisa

“OH MY GOD! I LOVE SANTORINI!” “Santorini is one of my favourite places in the world!” “I am so jealous, you are in my happy place.” Santorini was promising. Once I mentioned that I was going there, I was showered with envious messages and declarations of love (for Santorini, not me, I live in hope). When I dug deeper, and it became clear on arrival, Santorini has a place of affection deep in many hearts, not just because it is beautiful, but because many people get married there, get engaged, have wonderful long walks with their significant other down bumpy narrow alleys, scaling cliffs and all punctuated with with beautiful blue domed tiny churches. I don’t think I have ever seen so many weddings in one small place. So, what on earth is the attraction for a single girl from London? That beauty. The calm crisp blue sea, sharp sky, sheer cliffs and gorgeousness. The food. And wine, of course. And all of it from within the sanctuary of the beautiful boutique hotel, Grace. Santorini …

A Postcard from Grenada

I can’t quite believe that my week on this beautiful Caribbean island is coming to an end, but it is. It has been quite the non-stop adventure. I am busier here than I am in London, simply because there is so much that I want to see, and taste. Lets start with an overview, and I will be back with more details and videos soon. More photos too, as this is really just the very tip of what I have taken.