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A Fun Evening at Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Summer Party

I popped along to the filming of Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Summer Party, his live youtube show filmed in London. Irish food blogger, author & TV bod Donal Skehan was in town to cook on it, and there were some other Youtube characters involved too. I have to announce my ignorance here, I had no idea who any of the others were, save Donal and Crumbs & Doilies (I had a neighbouring food stall to them in Covent Garden some years ago). The Youtube food landscape is completely different to the blogosphere, and I am only beginning to explore it. It was a really fun evening, and also an education. I have been talking about starting a Youtube channel for – oh – three years now, so my curiosity spurred me along. I love video. It is lively, engaging, fun and a great way of sharing stories of people and places. With food & travel, and travelling as much as I do, there is so much that I could do here, and I feel sad …

Preview: Food Fight Club from Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty Tomorrow (I am on it :)

There are so may things that I do that are a lot of fun. I know I am lucky. Earlier this year, I did some filming for Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty’s new series, Food Fight Club. Exciting, eh? There were 8 of us bloggers gathered around a table. We knew we were eating offal,and most of us were comfortable with that. The offal we consumed though, at one point, took almost all of us by surprise. Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club begins on Channel 4 at 9pm on Thursday 6th December, and we are in the first episode. Tune in to see it. You can watch the preview now too below. How to eat well on camera? I have yet to crack it. ADVANCE NOTICE: it was a very hot day and was filmed in a hot kitchen. My Irish constitution and pale face resulted in a big red face for most of it. At least I matched my lipstick to it, eh?!

A Weekend in Watergate Bay: Dinner at Fifteen Cornwall

Fifteen is a very impressive place. Another one of Jamie Oliver’s socially enterprising projects, Fifteen started in London, a restaurant established with two purposes: serving good Italian food and training kids with difficult backgrounds and limited hope for the future, as chefs. This presents many problems. Lots of these kids are quite traumatised and struggle with routine and authority. It has been very successful despite this, and on the back of that first TV show and book, there are now many troubled kids that have become trained chefs and work in the industry. Lots of chefs with potential that we may hear more about in the future. The London restaurant is also successful (although it gets mixed reviews, some love it, some not so much) and is now an international brand and charity with restaurants/academies in Cornwall, Melbourne and Amsterdam. I find this interesting for many reasons. It’s a lovely twist on using food to nurture, not only providing diners with food, Fifteen provides the trainees with direction, focus, and a passion for and knowledge …