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Some More Photos from Istria (Croatia)

So, here I am immersed in truffles and gorgeous natural wine, and all I want to do is go to bed, because I overindulged SIX HOURS AGO.  Now, that’s a bit excessive isn’t it? A bit? Just a little bit. But it was all very delicious, and I couldn’t resist. Before I do go lay on the sofa, and try to find something in English on my temporary Croatian tv (don’t judge me, I must, I am exhausted!), I will share a few photos with you here. Back soon, thinking clearer, I hope!

A Recipe for You: Fritole (Gorgeous Apple Yeast Doughnuts) from Istria in Croatia

Hello readers! This week I am in Croatia – Istria in the North of Croatia to be precise. I am here for a week, eating too much, looking for truffles, sampling the (delicious) local wine, and cooking with some of the locals. I am quite lucky as I have some friends with an apartment here who have put me in touch with some local people who are very passionate about their food culture. I had been to Dalmatia, further South (I am sure you will have heard of Dubrovnik) so had some expectations which were not realistic. Istria is more like Italy (not surprising as it used to be part of it) and so there is lots of homemade pasta and risotto. There is also a huge Hungarian influence, so you see lots of goulash too. One of the first things that I ate here, and still my favourite, is little sweet apple doughnuts called fritole (pronounced frit-oh-lay). They are served cold, although I would quite like to try them warm too. Most recipes are …

A Postcard from Istria, Croatia

  A very brief dip into my weekend in Istria in Northern Croatia. It has been fairly busy, really good, the only downside is that the internet has been lacking. But maybe that is a good thing? There is lots more to come, I am here for the week. They love food and wine here, are passionate, and very particular when it comes to quality.  I am gathering recipes as I go too. I love this kind of trip. Roman Amphitheatre in Pula – one of only 3 remaining in the world, including the Roman Coliseum. Fish at the fish market in Pula Chillies at the vegetable market in Pula Young Croatian winemaker, Marko Gerzenic, making terrific, very clean and delicious wines in Istria. His father is a hunter, and cures meat and makes sausages. A common occupation in Istria, as there is lots of game, grapes and olives, and lots of passion for good food and drink. Some photos from the Boletus (Mushroom Festival) in Brtonigla. This guy was so lovely, he’s proudly displaying …