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A Postcard from Lima, Peru

I am coming to the end of a brief trip to Peru. Deeply sleepy, quite full, and getting ready to go back to London, I am reflecting on a most inspiring 4 days. I have had 4 tasting menus in 4 of Latin America’s best restaurants in Lima, eaten at a superb home restaurant, eaten at an Amazonian restaurant, had lots of wonderful ceviche and acquainted myself with the magic of the Peruvian potato (so varied and incredibly delicious). I attended Latin America’s 50 best restaurants, met some really inspiring chefs and food writers, attended the Chowzter Latin America’s Tastiest Fast Feasts and ate my way around Mistura. I ate guinea pig (twice) and alpaca – both traditional Peruvian meats. I am ready to come home and I feel so inspired to cook. The food is so vibrant and characterful, full of colour and flavour. I will definitely be back for longer and to explore more of Peru – particularly the Andes. I have so much to write about. But lets start with a postcard, …