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A Postcard from Stellenbosch, South Africa

Greetings from Toronto. My fast paced life is a little too full on at the minute, and while I am tired, I love it so I am not going to complain. However, after two long haul economy flights (from Capetown via Jo’burg to London, and London to Toronto), I was thrilled to wake up in a bed this morning. An actual bed! On the ground! Before I get stuck in here, for I have a busy week ahead, I wanted to share a little bit about Stellenbosch with you. I tried last night but fell asleep next to my laptop. I need to set some work / life boundaries. So, Stellenbosch. All I knew was that they produced a lot of good wine, and that the surroundings were pretty stellar. Yes, that was all true, but there was so much more. Terrific restaurants, stunning views, the light, and the lovely warm generous people. Within a few days I was already starting to plan my second visit to the area, there is so much more to explore. 

A Postcard from the Overberg, South Africa

Greetings from Stellenbosch, in South Africa. Although I am not going to share photos from there with you today. Today, I am starting with the Overberg, where I spent my first couple of days. There is only one hour time difference between here and the UK and so no jet lag (that beast), so we got started straight away. The Overberg is to the east of Capetown in the Southern tip of South Africa. Roughly an 11 hour direct flight from London. I left in Spring and landed in Autumn to turning falling leaves and gorgeous sunsets. Wildlife and eco tourism is a focus, and wine is made here and lovely olive oils too. The Overberg, with it’s gentle pace and laid back approach to life, was a perfect place to start, relax and soak all that beauty in. We started with a chilled day at The Marine, capped off with a lovely tasting menu matched with local wines at The Pavilion. We went on a boat to see seals and other wildlife and went on a …

Beating a Fug with a Round Up: Beijing, New Zealand & South Africa

I am in a fug. Just a little one. Nothing serious. I just peered over the parapet at a giant to do list and I now feel incapacitated. I had to cancel something I really wanted to do (go to The Stone Roses in Manchester with some friends – it is a long story). I want to run out of my house and not come back for a bit. Maybe hide on the common. But that would be silly. So, instead I am going to practice in a little evasive activity. I am brilliant at that (and I know that is not a good thing). Head in the sand, radio on, bopping in my chair and fantastically ignoring that thundering to do list which is booming in a corner of my brain. There are many sections to my to do list. This job of mine, self employed as I am, has many lovely things that I enjoy. Then there are also the grim things underneath, the engine that keeps things going. The invoices, chasing invoices, …