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Summer is a time for quick simple food but we don’t need to compromise on flavour to get that. Food that is easy to digest and speedy to prepare and that is also a little different. I often reach for tartare at home and in restaurants, be they made with meat or with fish. At home I more often make them with fish. Today, with wild Alaskan pollock (in partnership with Wild Alaska Seafood UK). 

Pollock is from the cod family but it is less well known. It is a great choice for those who like milder white fish like cod, but want to try something different. Pollock pairs well with many other ingredients as it is so gentle itself. It loves spice (I thought about doing a curry pollock tartare with some gorgeous in season mango, homemade curry oil and curry leaves, I will definitely make this another day). You would have to work hard to find something that it doesn’t go with making it a very versatile ingredient. 

Why Wild Alaska Seafood?

Alaska has 3 million lakes, 34,000 miles of coastline and 3,000 rivers. Five different types of wild salmon flourish here – king, sockeye, keta, coho and pink – and premium black cod, king crab and pollock thrive and mature at a natural pace. These fish are caught at peak condition, and they are sustainable too with daily fish counts and advanced fishing techniques, no fish species have been overfished and stocks are constantly replenished. 

I focussed on wild Alaskan pollock for this recipe, which I used from frozen. There is a common misperception around frozen fish, that it is lesser than fresh, and perhaps once this was true, but modern freezing techniques used soon after the fish is caught ensure that frozen fish, particularly wild caught frozen fish is as good as you will get. This also works well for the tartare as the fish is sliced well when still firm and slightly frozen, if it was fresh I would put it in the freezer to firm it up.

Recipe Ideas for Wild Alaskan Pollock

I have already shared my idea of a curry pollock and mango tartare recipe with you (and that recipe or a riff on it, I will share soon). I also made a pollock tartare with tomato which was so fresh and bright. It was tough to choose which one to share with you today, but I opted for my Wild Alaskan Pollock Tartare with Avocado and Chives. It is very simple and fresh with a lemon juice dressing and lifted with herbs. I finish mine with some lovely edible flowers, borage (the blue star shaped ones) which taste of cucumber, and violas, just for their gorgeousness. I grow both in the garden and they essentially grow themselves. Especially this year as I just don’t have the time to maintain it. 

Have you tried pollock? How do you like to eat it? Are you already a fan of seafood tartare? 

See Alaska Forever Wild for more recipe ideas.

Wild Alaska Pollock Tartare with Lemon, Herbs and Avocado
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Wild Alaska Pollock Tartare with Lemon, Herbs and Avocado


  • 200g Wild Alaskan pollock
  • 1 ripe avocado, peeled with the stone removed
  • the juice of 2 freshly squeezed lemons
  • half a small red onion, peeled and very finely sliced
  • 2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander leaves
  • 1 tbsp chopped fresh chives
  • 1 tsp Korean chilli powder (gochugaru) or another mild chilli (or chilli of your choice!)
  • sea salt to taste
  • optional: edible flowers to finish


  • Put the juice of the lemon over the onion slices and allow them to sit in it. This will take the sharp edge off the onions. Dice the avocado into approximately 1 cm dice and add to the onions and the lemon juice. Add the chilli also.
  • If your fish is frozen, thaw in your fridge until almost thawed but still a little firm. Dice into 1cm dice and add to the onions, chilli lemon and avocado. Mix well and season with sea salt to taste. Stir the herbs through and dress with edible flowers if using.
  • Eat immediately. Enjoy!



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