A Guerilla Wine Tasting

Wine is one of my favourite things. A glass with a friend or over dinner is one of the most pleasant ways to spend an evening. A bold and spicy glass of red for winter, or a gorgeous sparkler for summer, for every season and occasion there’s a glass of wine.

I’ve been exploring and learned a lot this last few years. It’s been one of the many pleasures I’ve indulged in since starting blogging. I have always had a healthy interest, but have been further investigating regions, vintages, grape varieties and it has been an enormous education.

It seems a great shame that for most people, exposure is limited. People fear it’s scientific and that they will get it wrong. Perceived to be an elitist sport, they stick to the supermarket offerings, anxious that they will be exposed in a local wine shop as someone who doesn’t understand.

Guerilla Wine Tasting

I felt like this too once, until I realised that it is personal and subjective and the only way to learn and appreciate is to try. There’s so much to try, and so much fun to be had in the process, so why not do something different, available and democratic?

We thought that we would get out there, and do a Guerilla Wine Tasting and make it fun. Crowd sourced over twiter and open to everyone, a merry band of some friends and some strangers collected on the South Bank and explored some fine Portugese Wines and a delicious French Sauternes. We had a great time and discovered some great new wines in the process. We also had a wine tasting gorilla. Why not, eh?

Thanks to Casa Leal, Quinta de Lagoalva and Nicole for donating the wines, and to Ailbhe for the photos. The inimitable Wine Sleuth was at her best, you can see how much so in the video below.

The Portugese red wines were particular favourites of all whoe tried. I’ll be writing about these more soon, as I was lucky enough to visit Quinta de Lagoalva late last year.

Watch this space for further Guerilla Wine Tastings!

In the meanwhile, enjoy the ridiculous but fun video.

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Written by Niamh
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