A Perfect Roast Chicken Sandwich & a Recipe for Smoked Mayonnaise

A Perfect Roast Chicken Sandwich with Smoked Mayonnaise

A week ago I thought: I know what I am going to do. I am going to roast a chicken and have a glass of wine. I want a roast chicken sandwich, and nothing else will do today.

I now spend almost every day coming up with recipes. Every meal is in danger of becoming a project and a scientific experiment. Which is a grand irony as I left science precisely to get away from this. But there you go, you can’t escape yourself it seems , no matter how you try.

I have become so saturated in food that I sometimes forget the simple and ecstatic pleasure that a roast chicken sandwich can bring. Especially when you are so very hungry that you salivate as it is being made.

That first bite, the crunch of the bread and the collapse and dissolve of the lightly crunching sea salt as it follows. Then the delicate rich and slightly crispy chicken skin. Finally, that lovely chicken meat, tender from roasting and juicy.

Perfectly delicious. A sigh of relief. A lick of butter and some homemade mayonnaise. Good fresh bread with a bite – for me it had to be sourdough. A garden to sit in, a glass of wine, a good book.

Why do we ever complicate things? Of course I did, just a little bit.

I wanted homemade mayonnaise and I wanted to pimp it a little bit. So I made it with rapeseed oil and smoked rapeseed oil. It was divine.

For the roast chicken, take a look at Comfort & Spice. Perfect moist, gorgeous chicken. Every time.

Note on the recipe: there are a few brands of smoked rapeseed oil available from artisan producers and online. I got mine from the Artisan Smokehouse.

A Perfect Roast Chicken Sandwich with Smoked Mayonnaise

Recipe: Smoked Mayonnaise


2 large egg yolks (from the best eggs you can get – free range at a minimum)
1/2 tsp dion mustard
1/2 tsp cider vinegar
pinch of sea salt
175ml rapeseed oil & 75ml smoked rapeseed oil, combined


This is easiest with an electric whisk or mixer. By hand it is possible too but will take a long time.

Add the mustard, vinegar and salt to your egg yolks and whisk for a minute, until blended and thick, then slowly start to add the oil drop by drop initially. This is important as if you don’t add it slowly, the egg yolk will split.

When you are over half way there you can increase the stream to a trickle. When all of the oil is added, taste and adjust seasoning.




Written by Niamh
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