A Postcard from a Snowy Crisp Amsterdam and Den Haag

Skating on Amsterdam Canals

I made it to Holland. There was a 4 am start and a trudge through the snow. I sleepily dragged my polka dotted suitcase behind worried it would be a waste of time and energy, but when we got to St Pancras we were delighted to see that the snow hadn’t affected the Eurostar. A 4 hour train journey with a stop in Brussels in the middle, and we were in Amsterdam.


Eurostar are running a campaign at the end of this month to advertise their route to Amsterdam, and asked me if I would like to participate by going and photographing 5 things for them to use in their campaign on the London Underground. 5 things of my choice, of course. I used to live in Amsterdam and I love it here, so I jumped at the excuse to come back. I adore train travel too.


I was delighted to see the canals frozen with locals ice skating on them, this happens rarely and I had never seen it. Lots of pop up gluhwein and erwtensoep (also called snert and translated as Dutch pea soup) stands had popped up and there was a feeling of joy and excitement in the air.


Eating snert on a frozen lake in Den Haag! :)

After my one night in Amsterdam, I made my way to Den Haag to catch up with old friends. We spent yesterday morning walking on the frozen canals while ice skaters whooshed by, finishing on a local frozen lake where I indulged in some erwtensoep and gluhwein. I was extremely well wrapped up and the thick pea soup with sausage went down a treat. So much so that we made some more when we came home. I will make it again when I get back to London, and will share the recipe with you soon.

Den Haag

Right now, I need to pack, and hit the road back. Have a lovely Monday :)



Written by Niamh
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