A Postcard from Emilia Romagna

On Monday and Tuesday am of this week, I was in a sleepy little town in Emilia Romagna, by the river Pellegrino. Of San Pellegrino, yes! We got there by windy roads that dipped and climbed fiercely through the mountains. I did well to hold on to my breakfast.

The focus of the trip was to learn about coffee with Gaggia, but I had a wander around, met some locals and purchased salamis and other delights for my belly and my kitchen.

The highlight – coffee aside – was a lunch at a local Trattoria, Trattoria Toscana Castelli Di Pellegrino. The menu was typical of the region and quite classic, I had the  wild boar ragu with papardelle to start, perfect rich egg pasta and a light soothing ragu.

Veal t-bone for mains was a sensation, beautifully light and packed with flavour. It was all washed down with chianti and with terrific fried artichokes, potatoes and stuffed tomatoes on the side. We refused dessert and limoncello but they brought some anyway, then left the bottle on the table.  Dangerous!

All the while the owner was drinking wine with some buddies including the town mayor down the back. There was much shouting and laughing. They were having lots of fun. Just look  how happy they look?

It was all very reasonable and on such a gorgeous sunny day, where would anyone rather be? I must get back to Italy soon, it’s so laid back and frenetic at the same time, I love it.

So now, it’s back to work. Back soon with more on coffee.



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.