A Postcard from Hong Kong


A shrine in Soho, Hong Kong

This is like the postcard that you find in the bottom of your handbag, when you have already been back for a bit and your memories have faded. You want to send it anyway, but never do. Sometimes you may even find some in your storage unit. I found some letters that I wrote on a ferry in Corsica when I was 19 last week.

Well, this is the internet, and so I can send it, and I really want to. The letters, well they were actually lovely to read and will remain mine, never seeing a post box or another pair of eyes. Even if they were written in silver pen.


The view of Hong Kong from Tim Lung Heen at The Ritz Carlton

Hong Kong buzzes. Like one of those joke buzzers that kids use, it catches you by surprise, sometimes you are not sure, but it always makes you smile. Hong Kong has a brilliant energy, people seem very positive and everyone is very busy doing lots of stuff, all the time. It never seems to stop. There is fantastic food too, from super cheap and fabulous to 3* michelin. I love it. When I was booking my flight back from Tokyo, I made sure that I had a Hong Kong stopover too.

Some photos for now, as is my postcard way, with lots of detail soon.

Hong Kong, February 2013

Random splashes of colour and delight on a footbridge over a motorway in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, February 2013

The chef at michelin * dim sum Tim Ho Wan – spotted my camera and insisted on a photograph :)

Hong Kong, February 2013

Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan

Hong Kong, February 2013

Late Night Eating in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, February 2013

Street food in Hong Kong


A slightly blurry star ferry, taken from another star ferry that I was on


Through a Soho window in Hong Kong


The private rooms and wine storage at Tin Lung Heen, Hong Kong


Yardbird, yakitori bar in Hong Kong, now on Asia’s 50 Best list too


Yardbird, Hong Kong


Chicken meatballs with egg yolk and sauce at Yardbird, Hong Kong


This is a malteser martini from a random bar in Hong Kong. It was wrong, but I had to show you it.


Gorgeous stuffed crab at 2* Tin Lung Heen at The Ritz Carlton


… and terrific desserts at 2* Tin Lung Heen at The Ritz Carlton


Breakfast dim sum at The Ritz Carlton


Giant teddy bar in Hong Kong

I visited Hong Kong under my own steam on the way back from Tokyo, but stayed at The Ritz Carlton as a guest.



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