A Postcard from Istria, Croatia


Amazing midnight blue sky and an olive tree in Istria


A very brief dip into my weekend in Istria in Northern Croatia. It has been fairly busy, really good, the only downside is that the internet has been lacking. But maybe that is a good thing?

There is lots more to come, I am here for the week. They love food and wine here, are passionate, and very particular when it comes to quality.  I am gathering recipes as I go too. I love this kind of trip.

Roman Amphitheatre in Pula – one of only 3 remaining in the world, including the Roman Coliseum.


Fish at the fish market in Pula


Chillies at the vegetable market in Pula


Young Croatian winemaker, Marko Gerzenic, making terrific, very clean and delicious wines in Istria. His father is a hunter, and cures meat and makes sausages. A common occupation in Istria, as there is lots of game, grapes and olives, and lots of passion for good food and drink.


Some photos from the Boletus (Mushroom Festival) in Brtonigla. This guy was so lovely, he’s proudly displaying a small section of their haul.


Some mushroom and beef stew at the mushroom festival


Mushroom Festival madness

Traditional Istrian cured pork, made from the “beef of the pig” and cooked over an open fire at Morgans in Brtonigla.


Traditional Istrian sausages, homemade and cooked over the fire, also at Morgans. Delicious. I think chitterlings stuffed with sausage but I need to confirm.


My new favourite thing! Fried apple yeast doughnuts – fritole. Recipe soon.




Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.