A Postcard from New Zealand – Part 2

Greetings patient readers! Thanks for your lovely comments on my last couple of postcard posts – much appreciated, as always.

It has been an intense few weeks packed with wonderful food experiences, and not much time to write about them. I am back in London now though, for a bit anyway, so will start catching up. And I mean it this time!

To begin with, another postcard from my recent trip to New Zealand for y’all. Lots more detail and recipes soon from many recent trips that haven’t made it to this little stage yet.

(apologies for the paragraphs dripping with jet lag and tiredness, there’s just no ooomph in me today!)

With Annabel Langbein in her garden, collecting produce for lunch

Bounty for the kitchen

The brown trout that we caught and smoked on the beach over manuka chips – delicious!

Bacon and Eggs at Meredith’s in Auckland – seriously good cooking

Wagyu cows at a Firstlight farm in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Snail farmer and snail farm in Hawke’s Bay – mighty delicious they were too

Beautiful Hawke’s Bay

Aerial view – of Wanaka area

I travelled to New Zealand as a guest of the New Zealand Tourist Board



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