A Postcard from Niagara

Maid of the Mist at the base of Niagara falls - no time to do it on this trip but definitely next time!

Maid of the Mist at the base of Niagara falls – no time to do it on this trip but definitely next time!

I am working backwards, feeling slightly justified as I am still in Canada, even if I am writing about it the wrong way round. But hey, you have come to expect that now, haven’t you?!

I am a mite passionate about wine. I love the stuff, and I love to visit vineyards, do tastings, and explore the wine culture of any country I visit that has one. I am in awe, and worried for, people that can deny themselves wine and/or pasta. Why? Just, why? Life is short, bring the joy, and buckets of wine and shovel loads of (great) pasta. Carbonara or tagliatelle with ragu for me please! With a gutsy delicious wine. Several Canadian provences make wine, and I have visited a few, the Okanagan, Nova Scotia and Niagara.

My trip to Toronto was short, just 3 days, and I devoted one of these to a trip to Niagara for a little explore. Niagara (famous for the falls) is also a well established wine region, producing some excellent wines including ice wine. I visited two wineries: Trius (where I also had lunch) and Inniskillin (which is particularly famous for ice wines, the were one of the pioneering ice wineries (is that a thing?!) in Canada). I also visited a maple syrup farm, farmer’s market and antiques market, had lunch, and whizzed by the falls. Because you just have to.



Asparagus at the Farmer’s Market in Niagara


Canadians love their pickles


Maple syrup at White Meadow Farms – all picked in the same season, the syrup darkens as the season goes on


Dark maple syrup from the very end of the season at White Meadow Farm


It takes this many buckets of maple syrup from the tree to make one small jug at the end – the tree syrup is cooked down until it caramelises and becomes amber


Wine in Niagara


Hillebrand Gewurztraminer at Trius Winery (Hillebrand recently rebranded as Trius)


Lunch at Trius Winery – their version of Surf & Turf – mini lobster roll served with a wild ferment Trius chardonnay and rib eye mini burger with the Trius red – love the idea and it worked. Delicious food too.


Hillebrand ice wine – 2007 vintage – ice wine is made from grapes frozen at minus 8 – 10 deg C for 2 – 3 days. Each grape produces only 1 – 2 drops of juice so it isn’t cheap, but it is really delicious


Rhubarb dessert – behind it was a terrific ice cream cookie sandwich made from an oat cookie and rhubarb sorbet – served with the ice wine above


Chive flowers (delicious!) with the Trius vineyards behind


All types of worms – live and available to purchase from this machine at the gas station


Sparkling ice wine at Innniskillin – one of the pioneering wineries in Canada (especially with regard to ice wine)


Innikillin ice wine and dessert and cheese pairing at Niagara


Ice wine grapes at Inniskillin vineyard



Written by Niamh
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