A Postcard from Singapore

Things have been quiet here. I have been fully immersed in my bacon hiatus, aka Project: BACON. It is going well and taking almost all of my time, as it should. All work and no play is no fun though (even if the work is all Project: BACON), so I have taken a few days in the middle to spend the weekend in Singapore.

I know. Bonkers.

I am here for 3 nights to attend Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants awards and also to check out the food scene here, naturally. I realised pretty quickly that it was a little silly to come here for such a short period of time, in terms of what I am doing to my already battered body, but it is worth it just to get a taste. I am doing pretty well digesting it all, with 50 Best activities (more on those later), restaurant visits and hawker centres.

I am at the end of Day 2, and outside of restaurants, I have been to Little India, Tekka Market and the Old Airport Road Hawker Center. I have gathered enough photos to give you a flavour too.

Enjoy and I will be back with lots more, soon. (Also – see the end of the post for a piece that I did with Sky News this week on food apps :)

I did a little piece for Sky News on food apps this week, which you can see here from about minute 11.

I visited Singapore as a guest of the Singapore Tourist Board



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