A Reprieve from Festivities & Indulgence: Some Photos from Hong Kong & Beijing

Beannachtaí Lá Fhéile Stiofán – Happy St Stephen’s Day (in Irish :)! We don’t have Boxing Day here in Ireland, but St Stephen’s Day or the Day of the Wren. Wrenboys will be wandering down Ireland’s roads or lanes, travelling from house to house, with an effigy of a wren on a stick singing “The wren, the wren, the king of all birds, St Stephen’s Day got caught in the furze”. You don’t see it everywhere anymore but in my mothers home county, Cork, it is an active tradition. The rest of us will spend the day visiting family, and I am just about to do that.

Before I do, my favourite books of 2011 and random-other-stuff are due, but I’ve spent the morning, and a lot of last night, reliving my Hong Kong & China trip. I finally found some time to edit the photos and am now madly craving Peking Duck & Dim Sum. Here are a few photos with proper details on everything soon.

Sunset at the Forbidden City, Beijing

Snack Seller, Beijing

Beijing Rickshaw & Bicycle

The Forbidden City, Beijing

Sidecar tour of Beijing

I love these dinosaurs - Chinese art that is sadly way out of my price range

Another piece of Chinese Art in Beijing

Snowman in Beijing - with a deodorant can nose!

Dumplings near Wan Chai Market in Hong Kong

Luk Yu Tea House in Hong Kong

Peking Duck at Duck de Chine in Beijing (roasting in a wood fire as is traditional)

Peking Duck at Duck de Chine

Mustard Goose Webs - the web of a goose foot cooked in mustard - curious and crunchy

Duck Soup at Duck de Chine

Beautiful dim sum - made with Chinese turnip

Perfect Xiao Long Bao - dumplings with meat & soup inside - at Duck de Chine in Beijing

Glorious milk and yolk buns - stuffed with an egg yolk custard - now one of my favourite things



Written by Niamh
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