A Sleepy Hola from Buenos Aires

Greetings from Buenos Aires, folks! You remember that trip to Argentina that I have had to postpone twice? The one to Argento in Mendoza and also a little while in Buenos Aires back in November, rescheduled to January, then rescheduled to, well, now? Well, finally I am here. Yeehaw!

I arrived this morning after a night flight so I am a little fuzzy, but I have had my first meat and malbec escapade in a local Parrilla so I am happy. Very pleasant half bottle of malbec, very pleasant bife de chorizo, chimmichurri to rub it all in, a big pile of mash and a lovely pickled aubergine thing. A huge basket of bread too. Just me to eat it all!

The steak was lovely, even though they cook it well done here, it was still very nice. Never thought I would say that. I have been practicing the Spanish for rare steak since as imagine how much better it would be?  It all came to £20 and was a lovely afternoon. Who’s complaining about how the steak was cooked? Not me, I just want to try it rare, that’s all.

The hotel I am staying in is billed as the hotel for gourmands in Buenos Aires. Happily, it’s also near lots of the places that I want to try. I somehow completely missed that the restaurant here is supposed to be great too. I just don’t generally expect that in a hotel.

How so? For one, there are goat sweetbreads on the menu, which I am very excited to try. Also, a rooftop pool, but I am more excited about the sweetbreads. That’s my priorities right there for ya! It’s linked, those kind of obsessions don’t make for a good bikini body.

A sleepy over and out for now. Apologies if this is meandering, that’s the way my brain is set right now. Clogged with cakes, steaks and a little veen-oh. I fear that I shall be like a mis-shapen dumpling in a dress with two peg legs by the time I return. But I will be happy, won’t I? I think so.

I will be back soon with more including details on the hotel, dinner et al. I know lots of you have plans to visit Buenos Aires and you have asked me to tell you all about it. Well, I would have anyway, wouldn’t I? Because that is what I do :)



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.